'Hell's Kitchen' Season 19 Episode 3 Spoilers: Why does Fabiola have a panic attack? Contestants to cook for Dan Reynolds

Singer Dan Reynolds will be the celebrity in attendance for the final service, along with Apolo Ohno and Marshall Faulk

                            'Hell's Kitchen' Season 19 Episode 3 Spoilers: Why does Fabiola have a panic attack? Contestants to cook for Dan Reynolds
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Episode 1 of Season 13 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ ended with a smashed crate (thrown from the helicopter) and on the January 14 episode, it was revealed that the crate contained the ingredient for the next challenge-shrimp. Ramsay announced that the chefs would have to cook a shrimp dish to be added to the menu for the entire season. There was also a shocking caveat: whoever would produce the worst dish would be sent home immediately. This individual would be the first person in the show's history to be eliminated before the first dinner service, for any reason other than injury or illness. The contestants would have 45 minutes to cook, then the sous chefs would nominate the three best and two worst dishes from each team.

Sous Chef Christina nominated Nikki's and Jordan's dishes as the two worst among the women, while Sous Chef Jay nominated Eliott and Kenneth among the men. Ramsay eliminated Kenneth for leaving a large chunk of raw Parmesan cheese in his dish and making amateur level mistakes in both challenges. No comment was given on Kenneth's elimination but a burnt picture and hung jacket could be seen next to Jordan's.

The top three dishes from each team were Lauren, Amber and Syann from the women and Josh, Cody, and Declan from the men. Syann's shrimp and grits (for which she had to substitute with polenta when she couldn't find grits in the storeroom) won the challenge, so she was rewarded a punishment pass allowing her to skip any punishment for the reward, while also sending a member of the other team to participate in the punishment.

Ramsay opened the chef tables for two VIP families. Wayne Brady and his family ate in the blue kitchen while Lisa Vanderpump and her husband ate in the red kitchen. In the dining room were Antonio Fargas and Erik Kilpatrick. Despite Nikki breaking down in tears after serving raw lobster and too few scallops and Mary Lou overcooking a steak, the women successfully completed service. In the blue kitchen, appetizers left the kitchen quickly, but Peter overcooked duck while Ramsay berated Eliott for staring into space and not helping his team. After Drew put up raw lamb, he, Peter, and Eliott were thrown out of the kitchen. Cody took over the garnish station and served undercooked fries, which got the rest of the men kicked out; they did not serve a single entree and were ordered to provide two nominees for elimination.

Drew and Eliott were nominated. When Ramsay asked the two men whether each of them could perform better than the other, Drew gave a direct response in the affirmative, whereas Eliott only responded that he and Drew had "skills in different areas", to the annoyance and confusion of both Ramsay and his teammates. Ramsay again requested a simple "yes" or "no" from Eliott, to which he hesitated before replying no. Ramsay immediately eliminated Eliott for his lack of confidence and focus and said, “Eliminating a chef this early is usually quite hard. But tonight, I didn't have to eliminate a chef, I had to eliminate Eliott". He then sent Drew back in line and warned the blue team to never stop communicating with one another during service before dismissing both teams up to the dorms.



After a stroke of bad luck in the first episode, the women finally brought their A-game and were rewarded with a dune buggy experience in the Nevada desert after winning the challenge in Episode 3. Fabiola will suffer a panic attack and will have to receive medical attention, and would not be able to join her team until moments before service began. 

Singer Dan Reynolds will be the celebrity in attendance for the final service, while Apolo Ohno and Marshall Faulk will be seated at the red and blue chefs tables, respectively. 

You can watch Ramsay return to television on Season 19 of 'Hell’s Kitchen' at 8 pm on Thursday, January 7, on Fox.

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