'Hell Fest' star Reign Edwards talks about the fun she had while filming the thriller and her journey from Soaps to the big screen

Reign Edwards who also starred in the 'Bold and the Beautiful,' as a star member of the first family of color in the long-running soap, is exploring new projects beyond Daytime

                            'Hell Fest' star Reign Edwards talks about the fun she had while filming the thriller and her journey from Soaps to the big screen

We are in the first week of October and already sipping pumpkin juice for Halloween. Thanks to the new CBS film 'Hell Fest,' which released in theaters nationwide on September 28, our mood has been set for the rest of the month. The film is being already been hailed by critics for having one quite an unexpected and clever ending and that itself set the thriller flick apart from the rest of its genre counterparts. We start off with the predictable serial killer on the loose at a horror theme park and teens being murdered in cold blood but what next? Meaww caught up with Reign Edwards, who plays Brooke in 'Hell Fest', to get more insights and some behind the scenes info.

Reign, who you probably know as Nicole Avant in 'The Bold and the Beautiful,’ and also has recurring roles on two primetime series including FX’s 'Snowfall' and CBS’ 'MacGyver,' is now on the big screen with 'Hell Fest,' giving us all the more reasons to love her. In an exclusive with Meaww, Reign talks about the fun she had while filming this spooky thriller and shares some nuggets from her journey from Daytime world to stepping into film and now soon enough, music.



As scary as the trailer looks, please tell us more about the film 'Hell Fest' and your character Brooke. (We just hope she survives.)

Haha! I hope she does too! You’re gonna have to watch to find out! This movie is an ode to the classics with a masked serial killer on the loose yet modernly fits into today’s world of Halloween! 'Hell Fest' is a movie about a group of college kids that go to a horror theme park called “Hell Fest” filled with tons of mazes (which is incredibly popular nowadays) and there happens to be a killer appearing to be in costume actually killing those attending the park. My character, Brooke, is amongst this group and is really the thread that links everyone together. She’s the friend out of the group that just wants everyone to have a good time! She’s funny, wild, and sweet. I hope that everyone enjoys her in the film!

How was filming on the sets of 'Hell Fest' with all the crazy rides we see and people dressed in costumes? Were there any light-hearted moments behind the scenes when filming this intense film?

It was so cool! They had some of the employees that worked at a local haunted attraction that I had gone to the year before and it was really funny because I’d mentioned that I’d gone and one of the guys had said: 'Yeah, I think I remember you!' and I laughed because I thought to myself “Great! That means you must’ve scared me pretty bad lol!”. We had such an amazing group of people on this project! 




What are your Halloween plans? 

I definitely plan on going to see 'Hell Fest' as well as going to the Hell Fest maze at Six Flags Magic Mountain with family and friends! I plan to check out a few other parks to hit up those mazes as well haha!

You got your break out role with the CBS soap opera 'The Bold and the Beautiful.' Please tell us how that came to be. How did you feel about being a part of such a long-running soap ?

It was a roller coaster! On soaps you learn so many skills. My memory for retaining lines is really good now since soaps have so much dialogue and move so fast! It also helps you to practice and find your rhythm of reaching emotional/intense places since there’s so much drama with such a short amount of time to capture it. So it was definitely a memorable experience. It was an honor to be on such a long-running show and it was extra special for me to be a part of the first Black family on the show. To know that I’m apart of that history, where this beautifully dynamic Black family was brought to life is a very big deal for me and is forever a piece my heart. On top of that, to show a beautiful representation of Black love with (my partner in crime) Rome Flynn is something that will always be really special and powerful to me!

You also managed to be nominated three years in a row for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. How do you feel about that and do you hope to be nominated again next year?

I’m really blessed to be able to say that I’ve been nominated three years in a row for a Daytime Emmy! God is so good! I won’t be submitting this year as I’ve left the show to work on other projects outside of the Daytime world, but it was definitely fun for the years I was a part of it!




It was reported that you booked your first acting gig in 2011 in '35 and Ticking,' featuring Kevin Hart, Meagan Good, Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones and more. What is the fondest memory you recall from the set?

It actually wasn’t my first acting gig as I’d done theatre, commercials, etc. beforehand, but it was my first time being in a feature film as a principal child actor! My favorite memory from working on that film was when I met Nicole Ari Parker for the first time. Since I played the younger version of her and only had a few scenes I didn’t really expect to meet her during filming. But, I had just wrapped and I walked past her as she was getting her hair done and I didn’t say anything to her because I didn’t want to disturb her. But I noticed that she was watching me as I walked past her and then I heard her whisper to the hairstylist 'Is that her?' and the hairstylist replied 'Yeah, she looks just like you.' My eyes got big because I was thinking to myself: 'Is she talking about me? Oh my gosh, I think she is!' and sure enough I just decided to turn around and smile at her and she introduced herself to me and I was just freaking out on the inside!


Who and what inspired you to pursue acting?

My older sister used to act and when I saw how much fun she was having I decided that I wanted to do it as well. I also have a passion for music and my mom told me that acting could help me extend into that world as well so I was all for it!

Do you plan on doing more films or soaps or both?

I had a great time on the soap and learned a lot. I definitely would love to do more films and prime time. I’m super excited to see how 'Hell Fest' turns out!!


Reign Edwards attends the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' 2018 Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception at The Hollywood Museum on April 25, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.
Reign Edwards attends the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' 2018 Daytime Emmy Nominee Reception at The Hollywood Museum on April 25, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.

Which other genres would you like to explore as an actor?

There are a few. I get to perform in primetime drama on 'Snowfall' and I’d love to continue to explore realms like that. Would also love to do thrillers and I’d love to do a comedy/romantic comedy at some point. Maybe even be a superhero! On my bucket list for sure.

What other projects are you working on that you'd like to share with us?

You can catch up on 'Snowfall' season one and two on FXNow for my character Melody! You can also look forward to the premiere of MacGyver season three, which came out September 28th, for my character Leanna! And that’s all I’m allowed to share right now!

For now, grab your friends, go to the movies and enjoy a classic horror film!