Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are in talks about a 'Mad About You' revival

Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are in talks about a 'Mad About You' revival
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In December last year, news broke which suggested that NBC's Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning sitcom 'Mad About You' was set to be revived by Sony Pictures Television Studio. Created by Paul Reiser, who plays documentary filmmaker Paul Buchman in the show, and Danny Jacobson, it lasted for seven seasons in its initial run before wrapping up in 1999.

The series focused on newlyweds Paul and his public relations specialist wife Jamie as they navigated the pitfalls of marriage in the Big Apple with a charming humor, garnering widespread acclaim and earning numerous accolades. In its previous iteration, it ended with the birth of the couple's daughter, Mabel, and according to rumors, the reboot will follow Paul and Jamie as they deal with their now-17-year-old daughter leaving home for college. 

Most recently, Helen Hunt, who plays Jamie in the show, appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to promote her new film 'The Miracle Season' but went on a tangent to describe how she and Reiser were discussing how they could make the much-mooted revival a reality.


She said: "It's not for sure yet. I will say that Paul Reiser is in my kitchen a good amount because we're talking about how to make it and not wreck it, because we're proud of what we did," adding that she hoped she would be able to reprise the role of Jamie close to 20 years after last playing her. 

She had also previously discussed the topic with Entertainment Tonight, and was hopeful of the show's return: "It does seem compelling to visit these characters 20 years into a marriage after raising an entire human being. So depending on some pieces falling into place, it could happen."

'Mad About You' may be set for a return to the small screens (Source: Getty Images)

Hunt also addressed what she hoped to see from hers and Reiser's character if the reboot does happen: "I just want [my character] to continue to reflect the highly imperfect nature of everybody around me. People that watch the show never say, 'We love how perfect you are with each other!' They say, 'We love how you're falling apart,'" she said. "I don't imagine these characters have gotten more perfect in 20 years."


If the show does make a return to the small screens, it will be the latest in a long line of popular series such as 'Roseanne,' 'Fuller House,' 'Star Trek,' 'Magnum P.I.,' and 'Will Grace,' to make a comeback in recent times. However, it has been reported that if the reboot does happen, it will not be under the umbrella of NBC.

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