Helen Flanagan celebrates beauty of breastfeeding for magazine cover shoot

Known as a celeb who does not shy away from breastfeeding her children in public, Flanagan is featured on the cover of The Sun's Fabulous Magazine in all her rawness and beauty.

                            Helen Flanagan celebrates beauty of breastfeeding for magazine cover shoot

Actress Helen Flanagan has never been ashamed of the natural act of breastfeeding; and though the mother-of-two has often been criticized for breastfeeding her babies publicly, she has once again proved that the true beauty behind motherhood cannot be suppressed.

Appearing on the cover of The Sun's Fabulous Magazine, the 'Coronation Street' star revealed the happiness behind breastfeeding and everything that comes with being a mother, as she posed with her 15-weeks-old baby, Delilah. 

In an interview to ITV on Monday morning, Flanagan told host Lorraine Kelly that she uses her Instagram account to give support to mothers who receive backlash for carrying out breastfeeding in public.

The 28-year-old confessed that she too was trolled and called "disgusting" for feeding her baby in public. Recalling the incident when she was verbally abused by customers at Starbucks, the actress said, "I think Delilah was three weeks old. I was breastfeeding in Starbucks and there was a girl opposite me, I was quite shocked, as another woman, she was making some not very nice remarks to her boyfriend."


While she has been active on Instagram to promote motherhood, the actress recently launched her own line of maternity lingerie-wear where she made an attempt to "create a brand that combined [her] passion of being a mother and breastfeeding alongside [her] love of lingerie and modelling."

Probably the reason why Flanagan, who has been with footballer Scott Sinclair for ten years, considers breastfeeding an important aspect of her life is that it has given her the confidence which she lacked. "With breastfeeding, I feel the more you breastfeed in public, your confidence grows. You do feel a bit apprehensive breastfeeding in public, the more you do it the more your confidence grows."


Surely, her confidence has been boosted by several fans who praised the model when she released a picture of her breastfeeding Delilah in a park. The mother-of-two (her elder daughter being three-year-old, Matilda), who is currently on a maternity leave, will probably return to her show 'Coronation Street' provided it does not hamper her time with her kids. The actor explained, "I would love to come back, but it needs to be something that works around the girls. I miss everyone so much, and I miss that social bit as well."