Heather Milligan: 2023 net worth and 3 unknown facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend

Heather Milligan: 2023 net worth and 3 unknown facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend
Heather Milligan and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been together since 2013 (@schwarzenegger_film_props/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Arnold Schwarzenegger has had many partners throughout his life. Heather Milligan is his current girlfriend. The actor-turned-politician has been enjoying a romance with his girlfriend Heather Milligan for over a decade.

The couple were first spotted kissing in Santa Monica in 2013. For some, a 28-year age gap could be a problem, but not for these two. Step into the world of Schwarzenegger's stunning girlfriend. Here is everything you need to know about Schwarzenegger's girlfriend.


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2023 net worth of Heather Milligan

Milligan's fitness and physical therapy business is most likely her primary source of income. Notably, Milligan is the current boss of her company Elite OrthoSport. And according to the reports of several media outlets, the average salary for a physical therapist in the United States is $87,000. Hence, the estimated net worth of Heather Milligan is around $2 million.


Here are three unknown facts about Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend:

Heather Milligan is a physical therapist


According to Milligan’s Twitter account, she has her own practice called Elite OrthoSport, where she treats professional athletes for their sports injuries. Milligan and Schwarzenegger share a passion for sports, making it a significant point of connection between them. She has even treated several of the competitors in Schwarzenegger's renowned strength competition, the 'Arnold Strongman Classic.'


Heather Milligan is a California native

Heather Milligan is a striking Californian native, born under the captivating zodiac sign of Scorpio on November 9, 1974. Now aged 47, Heather has lived an incredible life. Hailing from the picturesque state of Ohio in the United States, very little is known about her early upbringing and family dynamics. A heart-wrenching Instagram post by her confirmed the death of her mother in 2021, just months after the loss of her father. She received her double Master’s degree after graduating from the elite Loveland High School.

Heather Miligan's Instagram

Schwarzenegger's girlfriend Milligan is on Instagram under the username @hmillipt. She has a total of 3,323 followers. Milligan loves showcasing her alluring beauty through a mesmerizing selection of pictures that leave fans awed. From her stunning smile to her impeccable fashion sense, Heather's feed is a visual treat that you won't be able to get enough of!

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 Heather Milligan: 2023 net worth and 3 unknown facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s girlfriend