Heather Locklear assaulted fiance days before being hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation

The troubled Melrose Place actress allegedly hit her fiance before the incident of the public fight last week and her hospitalization on Sunday

                            Heather Locklear assaulted fiance days before being hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation
Heather Locklear (Source:Getty Images)

Heather Locklear was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation on Sunday after her family called authorities and told them the actress was threatening to "shoot herself."

It seems the trouble for the 'Melrose Place' actress started on Friday itself, with many reports saying she hit her fiance Chris Heisser while they were out in the evening. Though cops were not summoned after this reported assault, they were called when the couple was seen arguing publicly a couple of hours later near the actress's Thousand Oaks home. 

These details came to light after Locklear's hospitalization on Sunday following a call to 911 by family members who  were concerned about her behavior.

As reported by RadarOnline, "She was violent toward Chris on Friday. She hit him again, punched him," a source said. Heisser is treating his facial injury, the source went on to add. 

A law enforcement source shared, "It was explosive, and everyone was looking to see what was going on. Cops were everywhere." However, the fight ended quickly and no one was arrested that night. Two days later, Locklear's mother rang up the police after the extremely "agitated" and "violent" star started to threaten to shoot herself.

The actress has been going through some troubled times in recent years and was arrested on suspicion of fighting with her fiance and the police officers in February this year. Locklear and Chris have been dating for several months and are high school sweethearts. Last year, Heather took to Instagram to express her affection for him and captioned a picture of the pair, "My favorite person on earth. 40 years later."

However, the pair seems to have run into some rough weather this year, which seems to have culminated with Heather's hospitalization for psychological evaluation.

Before Heather was hospitalized on Sunday, her inner circle of friends and family had been "desperately" trying to reach her quite a while.

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As reported by People, a source shared, "[Heather] is clearly not getting the proper medical and mental health help she needs. It’s not just about rehab for addiction issues, but about getting a proper evaluation and help for the underlying mental health issues."

"She isolates herself, which only feeds into the other issues. Of course, you can’t force someone to get help — they have to want to — but it’s hard for someone who is sick to make smart choices and keep at it. She has family and friends who are desperately trying to help," the source continued. 

Heather Locklear (Source: Getty Images)


"Her parents are remarkable, and they have tried so hard. Her close friends have tried. It is very sad. This isn’t the Heather everyone knows. As a professional [actress], everyone wanted to work with her, she was never late, always prepared a joy on set. Also, she is a really good friend to people. For years and years. This person isn’t her. She really needs a proper evaluation, different medication, and clearly more help than she has been getting to truly determine what her mental health issues are."

"Right now, it’s heartbreaking for her friends and family, they are really worried, but unfortunately, their hands are tied with what that can do. Everyone just wants Heather back," the source added. 

Locklear's February arrest happened after she allegedly attacked policemen and fought with her boyfriend, according to a 911 audio recording. After a late night visit to her LA home, the troubled actress was taken away and Hessier was left with a significantly visible mark on his body. As the police tried to take her into custody, Locklear began to thrash around kicking and hitting officers. 

She was then taken to hospital for evaluation and booked into jail on one count of felony domestic violence and three counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer. During the incident, the Melrose alum also allegedly made threats to the deputies and said that she would "shoot them if they ever came to her house again," according to the Thousand Oaks Police Department. Locklear was later released from the Ventura County Jail in California after she posted bail. 

Heather Locklear (Source: Getty Images)


At the time of the incident, a source shared with People, "She knows help is available, she’s sought it out before, but you can’t force anybody to get help. It’s heartbreaking."

In the month of March, Locklear got herself checked into a treatment facility to help her with her addiction. "She didn’t go because she was forced. There was no intervention. She went in on her own. She wanted to feel better and get to the bottom of what was troubling her." 

In the past, Locklear has struggled with substance abuse and in the year 2008, her doctor even called 911 reporting that she was suicidal. However, when the police showed up at the scene, the actress appeared to be fine. In the year 2012, the authorities showed up at Locklear's house again after her sister called 911 fearing that Heather's life was in danger after mixing prescription medication and alcohol.

Locklear was taken to hospital but was discharged the very next day.