Heath Ledger's father Kim gets candid about Michelle Williams' secret wedding. 'We are terribly happy,' he says

Heath Ledger's father Kim Ledger opens about his late son's former wife Michelle Williams' secret wedding to Phil Elverum

                            Heath Ledger's father Kim gets candid about Michelle Williams' secret wedding. 'We are terribly happy,' he says
Michelle Williams (Source:Getty Images)

Heath Ledger's father Kim Ledger has nothing but nice things to say and wish for his son's former flame Michelle Williams after she revealed to the world that she got married to musician Phil Elverum earlier on this month, in a secret ceremony.

In an interview with 'The Goss' Ledger reacted to the news of Michelle's nuptials and shared, "We are terribly happy, it is great." Though Ledger was not present at the ceremony, he said he hopes to meet Elverum "soon." Speaking about which he said: "She’s very private and I don’t really like to make too many comments about her. But we are very happy [for her]," he continued.

The private ceremony had in attendance, Williams’ 12-year-old daughter, Matilda, who she had with Heath Ledger, and Elverum’s three-year-old daughter, along with a few close friends of the couple.

Williams opened up about her relationship with Elverum to Vanity Fair. "I never gave up on love," Michelle shared. She also spoke of the very special bond that she and Elverum share and said it was a "very sacred and very special romance." 

The couple also has a very similar backstory. Elverum's former wife had passed away in the year 2016 after battling pancreatic cancer leaving behind their 18-month-old daughter, while Williams lost Ledger in the year 2008 to an accidental intoxication from prescription drugs. 

Speaking of having found love again with Elverum, Williams shared, "Obviously I’ve never once in my life talked about a relationship, but Phil isn’t anyone else. And that’s worth something. Ultimately the way he loves me is the way I want to live my life on the whole. I work to be free inside of the moment. I parent to let Matilda feel free to be herself, and I am finally loved by someone who makes me feel free."  

"When you’re a single parent, and that element of provider and protection is missing, it’s scary. I always say to Matilda, 'Your dad loved me before anybody thought I was talented, or pretty, or had nice clothes,'" she continued. "I don’t really want to talk about any of it. But there’s that tease, that lure, that’s like, What if this helps somebody? What if somebody who has always journeyed in this way, who has struggled as much as I struggled, and looked as much as I looked, finds something that helps them?" 

Williams also opened up about raising Matilda on her own. "She hasn’t had her routine disrupted and hasn’t missed class. [I’m] less scheduled, less regulated, less hustle, less go go go," she revealed talking about their summers and how it is their "undone time."

She wants to let others like her (who've been struggling to find love after losing their partner), "Don’t settle. Don’t settle for something that feels like a prison, or is hard, or hurts you." She continues, "If it doesn’t feel like love, it's not love."