'He is Psychometric' week 3 preview: Will Lee Ahn finally learn the truth about his brother and Jae-in?

In the third week of 'He is Psychometric', Lee Ahn will find more about his brother Kang Sung-mo and how he influenced Yoon Jae-in's life

                            'He is Psychometric' week 3 preview: Will Lee Ahn finally learn the truth about his brother and Jae-in?

In the second week of 'He is Psychometric,' we saw Lee Ahn (Jin Young) come face to face with his brother Kang Sung-mo (Kwon Kim) while he and Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun) walk away from a crime scene. He is shocked to realize his brother seems to know Jae-in personally and just voices out, "How do the two of you know each other?" when the episode comes to an end.

So, in the third week of the tvN series, we will see Lee Ahn learn more about his brother, than he knew in the past. In the preview, we see also see him get more involved in psychometry than he ever was, especially considering that his skill has not been developed particularly to investigate crimes.

Lee Ahn's adoptive brother Sung-mo has a dark secret, which is related to the death of his mother in the fire accident that occurred at the apartment. This is also the case that named Jae-in's father as the sole perpetrator and he was sentenced to jail as a murderer. It does seem like Sung-mo has some kind of power too, or were the pictures of a kid in chains flashes from the past? If he does have powers, that would explain why Lee Ahn cannot get a read on his brother. We will see more on this in the coming episode.


The other avenue the series will explore is who the main killer is and why he stabs people before causing accidents. With the apartment fire and seven years later, the hospital fire, Sung-mo can see a thread of connection and he has been following the case on his own time for two years trying to find a lead. We got a glance at this killer last week, and for some reason, he seems to be interested in Sung-mo too.

What role will Lee Ahn play in solving this murder? Also, is the new incident, that of dead women being stuffed in suitcases in any way related to the other crimes? Even as detective Eun Ji-Soo (Kim Da-Som) tries to unearth the truth, her father, who originally worked on the apartment fire case wants the cases closed soon. There is something eerie going on, which will be explained in the upcoming episodes. 


Jae-in's character will also be more prominent in the coming episodes as she pursues becoming a part of the crime division at the police department instead of serving in an area where there is no scope for growth. The next two episodes will air on tvN on Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 pm and can be streamed on Viki.