'The New Pope': With powers beyond our understanding, is the young Pope Pius XIII truly miraculous?

'The New Pope': With powers beyond our understanding, is the young Pope Pius XIII truly miraculous?
Jude Law as Pope Pius XIII (HBO)

Faith is instilled in the Vatican once again. The elusive Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) has finally shown his face. The many intrigues of 'The New Pope' and the presence of the young Pope has not only kept us on the edge of our seats but also offered numerous mind-boggling aspects which hold true to Paolo Sorrentino's brilliant creation.

Now that the second installment of Sorrentino's hit HBO series is nearing its conclusion, we can't help but wonder about the existence of one of its titular characters Lenny. We also find ourselves wondering about Pope Pius XIII's display of certain powers, which have painted an image of him as someone beyond just a quintessential Pope, essentially a miracle worker of god.

Despite Pope Pius XIII having established time and again that he is no more than any human who holds an immense belief in god, his actions have a different story to narrate. He has never accepted the fact that he yields powers that have been put to use more than once.

But dismissing a popular opinion alone couldn't mask Pope Pius XIII's miraculous abilities, because now it seems like his powers are beyond his own understanding.

It is rather interesting how Pope Pius XIII was shown to be a different leader of the Vatican in Episode 2 of 'The Young Pope' —  a kangaroo whisperer who communicates with an animal that was grunting from across the room until it was spotted by the Pope. 

Throughout the first season, the young Pope's hidden abilities intrigued us more than the sight of a spine-tingling kangaroo hopping about in the gardens of the Vatican.

When Esther's prayers weren't fruitful and her blind belief in an invisible entity further amplified her suffering, Pope Pius XIII vigorously prays to god to end her pain and soon she is blessed with a child. 

As we try to comprehend everything we have seen on Sorrentino’s drama series, we can't help but wonder if Pius Pope XIII, in fact, carries powers beyond our understanding. 

When Pope Francis II suffers an apparent heart attack and collapses, Pope Pius XIII  miraculously wakes up from comatose, which even science failed to explain. 

Perhaps, only Pope Pius XIII could find an answer to the ever-haunting question of "who is god?", given his obsession with mystery and miracles only he can spell out.


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