‘The New Pope’ Episode 1: Fans love John Malkovich’s grand entry but can’t wait for Pope Pius XIII’s ‘wink’

‘The New Pope’ Episode 1: Fans love John Malkovich’s grand entry but can’t wait for Pope Pius XIII’s ‘wink’
John Malkovich as Sir John Brannox and Jude Law as Pope Pius XIII (HBO)

‘The New Pope’, the second installment of HBO’s 2016 drama series ‘The Young Pope’, premiered today. It picked off where it ended the previous season, nine months later showing Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) aka Lenny in a coma, following multiple heart transplants. 

Meanwhile, at the Vatican, the Cardinals are on the lookout for a new Pope. After a lot of consideration and series of voting, Voiello, being the tactful and flexible Secretary of the State, elects Cardinal Tomassino as the rightful Pope. Tomassino chooses to be called Francis II while taking the seat. 

Voiello rests the power in the hands of a Pope who fails to even realize he’s a Pope, or at least that’s what the Secretary of the State thinks. 

However, Tomassino’s appalling naivety in heading the church soon turns disastrous, when he announces that the Vatican would take immigrants terming it a “charitable media promotions". 

Chaos unfolds within the Vatican and outside as Tomassino’s inefficiency becomes evident, forcing Voiello and the rest of the Curia to pray for his downfall and replace him with the Sir John Brannox (John Malkovich), a former Cardinal-turned-advocate.  

The first episode of ‘The New Pope’ with its compelling plot retains the attention of the viewers until the end. Fans have heaped the show with praise on social media for several reasons. 

While some can’t stop raving about how good a show ‘The New Pope’ is and how it does absolute justice to the original, the rest are thrilled with excitement about having John Malkovich on board. 

A fan wrote, "Hope #TheNewPope finds its audience on Monday because first episode was just as audacious and darkly funny as #TheYoungPope one of the best things #HBO has ever presented. Hope they stay in the Paulo Sorrentino business."

“Okay I loved that episode. Loved the Malkovich reveal. And I was waiting for the theme tune to come on!!! #TheNewPope,” another fan added. 

And of course, Jude Law and his signature wink were highly missed! As episode 1 ended with Pope Pius XIII gaining consciousness, viewers are eager to watch him back in action. 

“#TheYoungPope - #JudeLaw was a bad ass pope but series 1 was to slow for me. Surely series 2 will be a massive improvement with #JohnMalkovich,” expressed a fan.


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