'The Deuce': 'What Big Ideas' continues to expose the double standards on the streets of New York

So far in the porn saga, every time the female characters try to rise in the ranks, they are pushed down. Find out what happens in the next episode 'What Big Ideas'.

                            'The Deuce': 'What Big Ideas' continues to expose the double standards on the streets of New York

We are halfway into the second season of 'The Deuce' and things are already starting to fall apart for our friends in the business. The downfall has already begun and the shift in power has everyone reeling in pain. This makes the men in the deuce pretty vulnerable and petty and they lash out at the women. Unpredictable, huh? The last episode, 'Seven - Fifty' revolved a lot around the power play and how in spite of women doing well, they didn't really have a say. Every time these female characters try to rise in the ranks, they are pushed down. 

After Lori (Emily Meade) comes back from Los Angeles' AFAA Erotica Awards with Harvey (David Krumholtz) and Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) in the last episode, she is brutally snubbed by CC who is clearly insecure of her success. He throws her award on the wall and forces her to return to the streets. She feels successful and powerful at LA away from CC but you can clearly spot the daddy issues she had confessed about in the last season - she comes back home to seek his approval. 

Maggie, on the other hand, doesn't do so well at the awards. Harvey wins an award and she's jealous because she feels she doesn't get due credit - which is absolutely true. She hasn't been making much money and is forced to go back to the streets - the one thing she just doesn't want to do. It's not all fairytales in this town that is at its porn peak - especially for a woman who wants to work behind the camera instead of in front of it. 

The next episode, the fifth one in the season is called 'What Big Ideas'. The title itself reminds one a lot of what Candy had told Harvey earlier this season about her ideas in women's adult films. He had brushed the concept aside and asked her to put her "artsy" ideas on the backburner. Candy still secretly pursues it. This episode looks like a continuation of the women's side of the story. 

The last episode, we saw Ashley (Jamie Neumann) trying to convince Abby (Margarita Levieva) to help her out. In this one, the two women resolve to track down the identity of a 16-year-old sex worker killed in a recent fire. Candy too tries hard to make her film work.  Frustrated by the progress of her new film 'The Red Riding Hood', she recruits new faces to help with the production. The double standards are really starting to show for this character now that we are halfway through this season. Candy has to prostitute herself only to get much less money than she needs but on the other hand, Paul just got a $13,000 loan from Vincent just because he had a good relationship with him. When Paul wants to set up his own business away from the Gambinos it is respected but when Candy wants to do something similar, it's a joke. 

Meanwhile, Vincent (James Franco) is shaken after witnessing the brutal side of Rudy’s (Michael Rispoli) operation. We don't know what the problem is, but it could possibly be Paul. Rudy is on the edge - especially since he has been losing his grip on the streets lately. Vincent had already been pretty iffy about the process right from season 1 but this is certainly a reality check for him.

 'The Deuce' airs on Sundays on HBO at 9 pm.