'The Deuce': Actor Gary Carr is as baffled by C.C's death as you are

'The Deuce': Actor Gary Carr is as baffled by C.C's death as you are

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HBO's 'The Deuce' isn't the type of show that will kill off its deep-rooted characters for the sake of a shocker. So imagine the disappointment when C.C, the pimp whose character was just unfolding was bludgeoned to death! One of the most interesting character arcs in season 2, his death was a rude shock for fans in 'Nobody Has to Get Hurt' this week. As it turns out, actor Gary Carr who brought the insecure pimp alive on screen was just as surprised by the incident.

"I’m just as baffled and shocked as C.C. I don’t think anyone would expect it to escalate to the point where he gets killed. C.C.’s whole thing is that he underestimates everybody. He’s just not taking into consideration that this would be his end. I think he’s very much like, Look, here’s what I need, here’s what I want, and I’m going to go and get it. The Bobby thing is very shocking, but I think it’s supposed to be that way. It really does come out of nowhere," he told Vulture in an interview. 


Gary Carr as C.C in HBO's 'The Deuce' (HBO)
Gary Carr as C.C in HBO's 'The Deuce' (HBO)

Carr also revealed that even though he was pretty surprised by his exit, he knew that it was only a matter of time, especially since he didn't think he would make it this far. "Originally, he wasn’t supposed to make it beyond the first season. When that didn’t happen, I actually forgot about it. But I always had an idea of his arc," he said. 

If you remember, the pimps were big last season in 'The Deuce' and C.C was smack in the center of it all. He controlled his girls and he had enough money. As the adult movie kingdom arose, C.C, along with his pimp colleagues found themselves gravitating towards the shadows. His ego was still as high as the old days and so when he decided to tell Bobby (Chris Bauer) and Frankie (James Franco) what he thought about them and their parlors, Frankie hammers his head (quite literally) after Bobby jabs him with a screwdriver.  

Unlike Larry Brown (Gbenga Akinnagbe), C.C was more focused on living in denial than survival. He was convinced that the storm would pass and all he had to do was keep his girls under control. His violence towards Lori was painful to watch this season. Instead of adapting, he stuck to what he knew best and that certainly seems to have spelled the end for him, said Carr. "It’s quite disappointing that C.C. couldn’t do that. I always thought that he would adapt. There’s a nice contrast between him and Larry Brown, who’s doing his best to make a transition out of the world of pimping and exploiting women.

"It’s funny that while he’s looking at his survival and neglecting his girls, C.C. is focusing way too much on his girls, and how they’re going to be under him rather than accepting the reality that Lori has actually outgrown everything they built. She really does not need him. But another thing not to forget is C.C.’s narcissism. The whole world revolves around him, so it just makes sense that so much has gone over his head when it comes to Lori," he said. 

When you really think about everything he's done though, maybe we won't miss him as much.  'The Deuce' airs on Sundays on HBO at 9 pm.

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