HBO Sharp Objects: Has Camille Preaker been the killer all along?

As we inch closer to the finale next Monday, the big reveal awaits. It is hard to pinpoint who killed Natalie and Ann but here's a list of 5 characters who could be the killer

                            HBO Sharp Objects: Has Camille Preaker been the killer all along?

What started off as a show about an alcoholic journalist returning home to deal with her inner demons for the most part, 'Sharp Objects' has definitely taken a different turn since the fifth episode, 'Closer'. One moment Camille was dilly-dallying through the woods and the next, the story was just sprinting uncomfortably. A lot of things changed -the flashbacks were barely there, we got used to her drinking (and driving), the good folks of Wind Gap turned out to be, well, not so good. Even the ones we liked a little in the beginning, have turned suspicious. As we inch closer to the finale next Monday, the big reveal awaits. Although it is pretty hard to pinpoint who killed Natalie and Ann so cruelly in the forest, I have a few theories about who the killer might be. Let's take an educated guess, shall we? 

1. Adora Crellin

Because, duh. She clearly has issues. 'Falling' recently revealed that she is suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy, which is a serious mental illness. It makes the person go to great lengths to be able to continue caregiving, so much so, that they sometimes even poison or harm the person they are taking care of just so they can continue the process. It is commonly seen in mothers and the victims are often children. We know just how much Adora, the original "Princess of Wind Gap" loves her perfect reputation and a large part of that flawless image is how great of a mother she is. She's been seen repeatedly bringing up her dead daughter Marian, especially the way she nursed her till her dying day. The town folk also revere her for her maternal instincts towards Natalie. She is known as the caretaker of the "lost girls", the ones who "everyone else gave up on" except her. She also never fails to remind whoever would listen about how much she tried to "take care" of Camille. Clearly, Camille escaped - she was "not as easy as Marian" as Jackie puts it. She is seen taking care of Amma in 'Falling' but you can see that she's only getting worse - she is sweating more and her face looks frail. 

She tutored Natalie so it could very well be that she slowly cared her to death and then followed suit with Ann. The only thing that keeps her from being the killer is the fact that the dead girls had their teeth pulled out - something that Adora doesn't appear capable of doing. She seems too much of a dainty darling to do that, but, she could have an accomplice. We all know how she can wrap men around her pinky and make them do exactly what she wants. 

2. Chief Vickery 

He's shady for a police officer and even shadier as a man - he has a complete change in character when he is with his wife around Adora and when he is with her alone. Not only that, his denial about accepting any help from Richard Willis or Camille looks like he isn't interested to solve the case - almost as though he is trying to turn them off from finding out who the killer is. Bill Vickery is kind of invisible in town, professionally as well as socially. Except Adora, we don't really see him interacting with people. After Willis comes around, he feels threatened and powerless almost ready to kick him out. We know that the killer's motive is potentially control and power as well as popularity. As detective Willis puts it,"Passion doesn’t always have to equal sex.

This type of thing can scratch a different kind of itch. Power. Control. He's pretty good with pliers too and although he smokes like a chimney, he has the strength to pull out teeth and carry bodies. He could just be working with Adora or be manipulated and blackmailed by her. Remember when the two were creepily flirting and Alan was looking on? He tells her, as a matter of fact that she does have the power to make and break men in Wind Gap. 

3. Camille Preaker

When Camille comes back to Wind Gap, we see her as a survivor of sorts but the strange thing is, all we know about her comes from the flashbacks and visions she has. She could have killed Marian out of jealousy - simply because she wanted to be loved so bad and be the center of attention for Adora, which she wasn't. It is visibly painful when Adora tells her over a drink that she never loved her. Alice, her roommate at the hospital mysteriously kills herself right after laying down with Camille listening to music as they "go to another place." Camille conveniently steps out to make a phone call and the nurses rush in to find her dead. She constantly sees Alice's ghost in her visions and it is very much possible that she snapped while at the hospital and still carries the guilt.

Curiously, one of the main symptoms of Munchausen syndrome is a person who pretends to be ill to get attention. They also go to the lengths of harming themselves so as to create the desired effect. When she checks into the hospital, she looks pretty okay and we don't know the cause of her being there. Could it be that she made her drink the bleach? Her very distinct memory of the cleaning cart is a sharp contrast to the way her other visions are - blurry and inconclusive. Natalie and Ann's death cause could be similar to that of Marian's - her ploy to get her mother's attention. Are Adora's claims that she is "dangerous" true?  She also is strangely offended when everyone thinks that it is a man who is the killer. 

4. Amma

Amma has a strange way of doing things - one moment she's the sweetest child, in the next, she is a complete b***h who tries to sabotage Camille's happiness. I think Amma's motive for murder could be any of the three - power, popularity or her mother's undivided love and attention. In 'Falling' when Camille tried to tell her that she doesn't have to be sick to get Adora's attention, she still goes back to bed and pretends to be sick because her "mama likes it". 

She is power hungry as we've seen in the previous episodes. She has a posse of teens who will do her bidding as she rollerskates around town like a queen. She's got the "power" over boys and is extremely sexual in her approach to everyone - even her sister. Remember when she licked the pill off Camille's tongue? She desperately wants to be popular and since there's not much to do in Wind Gap, she devised this plan? Her personality is extremely volatile and unpredictable plus she loves those piggies at the slaughterhouse and maybe she's got handy with pliers as well.  

5. Alan

Alan Crellin is like a man shackled by fate and in desperate need of release. He's been emasculated by his wife and although his memories do make it look like he loves his daughters, there's something very odd about the man. Maybe he didn't kill Marian himself, but he could have watched as Adora did - slowly. He would also have access to Natalie and Ann, after all, Adora tutored them and they were friends with Amma so they could have stopped by frequently. It could be about gaining back power for Alan - the guy who married the woman he worships who doesn't give him the time of day. 

It could also be that he was trying to in some construed way looking for intimacy with these dead girls. All of them had great relationships with their fathers that he could never have. He could have just lost it and went on from showing them his music to pulling some teeth out. For someone to not make a peep and just build themselves a bubble from a sad life like his is unbelievable - the rope has to snap sometime or the other. 

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