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Has Hazel Busby's nystagmus condition improved? 'OutDaughtered' quint overcomes fear, fan says 'braver than me'

While word on her impending surgery still remains undecided, Hazel Busby isn't letting her condition get in the way of her having fun
Hazel Grace Busby's condition messes with her depth perception (@adambuzz/ Instagram)
Hazel Grace Busby's condition messes with her depth perception (@adambuzz/ Instagram)

The Busby quints are definitely a handful. With each of the girls coming into their own, they all have very unique personalities and identities, making it a delight to watch them grow up. 

This latest season of 'OutDaughtered' sees the busby family dealing with the ongoing pandemic while trying to make the most of their time indoors. A house full of six kids and two adults can't be easy to manage, but by the looks of it, Adam and Danielle are up to the task as always. 


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The last episode saw the Busby renovating their kitchen when they discovered a leak that needed immediate attention. Seeing that the house would be in a mess on account of the construction work, Adam and Danielle packed up their things and set out to meet the girls' cousins and then went for a beach getaway. It proved to be the change the girls needed, seeing how cooped up they were indoors. 


While Season 8 continues to follow the family through the pandemic, turns out, the Busby has been up to quite a bit post the production of this season. In their latest vlog, we see the family set out on an adventure track, where they take on a whole bunch of exciting physical activities. Posted on their YouTube channel, the video is titled '6 little monkeys on a ropes course and Hazel overcomes her fear!' We see all the girls take on different obstacle courses with determination and tenacity that we've grown to love. 


The obstacle courses involved safety cords and suspended planks, while the girls had to get from one point to another. Most of the girls were out and about, being their curious adventurous selves. Hazel Grace, on the other hand, seemed to struggle a bit, the height and uncertainty seemed to throw off the third Busby quint. Although she was visibly uncomfortable, she refused to give up.

The YouTube comment section was quick to appreciate her progress as not too long ago, Hazel's nystagmus wouldn't have allowed her to take up some adventurous activities such as this; the condition messes with one's depth perception in general. While the question of her upcoming surgery still remains to fix the issue, Hazel is clearly not letting her condition get in the way of her having a fun childhood.

She completed all 11 obstacles and made it out on top. "Remember Hazel has vision issues. For her this is a BIG deal!" comment a user. "Well done hazel for overcoming her fear and the full fam zip lining I would never the are braver than me," added another.

It was heartwarming to see Parker take on the obstacle course with ease as well, as just in the previous episode, we saw her deal with anxiety when she finally managed to go horse riding after her previous meltdown over the same. Parker seemed like a natural while on the course and enjoyed herself too. Well, lLooks like nothing can get in the way of the Busby quints when they put their mind to it!

Watch 'OutDaughtered' Season 8 on TLC every Tuesday at 8 pm ET.