Why did Hayley Williams quit social media? Paramore fans blame Olivia Rodrigo

Paramore fans said she will probably come back, while others claimed that she left due to Olivia Rodrigo’s fans'

                            Why did Hayley Williams quit social media?  Paramore fans blame Olivia Rodrigo
Paramore lead vocalist Hayley Williams scrubbed her social media and announced her decision to quit (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Paramore lead vocalist Hayley Williams seems to be done with social media as she shocked the Internet after she decided to bid adieu to all social media platforms. The Mississippi-born rock singer took to her Instagram to make the big announcement but first made sure to clear all the previous posts.

While announcing the shocking news, the 32-year-old musician shared a lengthy post explaining that she used social media as a tool since she was a young teenager. The singer added that the usage only increased as her band Paramore got more popular. The Grammy-nominated crooner also deactivated her Twitter account while her Instagram now has only one last post left with this farewell note. Earlier musicians like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and a few others too stepped down from their respective social media accounts only to make a stronger comeback.

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Why did Hayley Williams quit social media?

Sharing the last note on her Instagram with her close to three million followers, Williams started with, “I've been on the internet, and more specifically social media since I was 15. Maybe even younger. It started with blog sites, then MySpace, then Paramore became a thing and social media wasn't just even for my own personal use anymore, but it was part of the job.” She continued, “It has been a useful and mostly beautiful part of the job. I crave connection and the internet is a pretty good tool for that when it's not tearing us apart.”

She added, “The thing is, connection is and always will be a part of my job (thankfully). As for my own personal experience with social media, I just don't want it anymore.”  The ‘Petals for Armor’ hitmaker further stated, “I've carefully considered this decision for almost a year now. Now I know for sure that my desire to move away from personal accounts (yes, even my finsta) is based on nothing more than my interest in keeping a boundary between a public and private life...and wanting to spend more time looking up and out, rather than down."  She concluded, “No judgment to anyone who loves their social media. Just a huge encouragement to anyone needing permission to create more boundaries and space to grow. Sometimes 'no' is the kindest thing you can say to anyone, even yourself." The singer might have quit social media for good but the social media pages of her band Paramore are very much active.


‘Olivia’s fans caused this’, claims Twitter

Fans of Williams reacted to the singer quitting the social media. While a few said she will probably come back others claimed that she left due to Olivia Rodrigo’s fans' harassment. “Olivia’s fans caused this”, claimed one user as another posted, “She’s done this before. it just means she’ll be back with rock excellence.” One asked, “Why is everyone quitting social media for God's sake.” Meanwhile, another chimed in and tweeted, “We don’t care the streets listen to playboi carti now”, as another posted, “We will miss the queen of rock and best artist of our generation.”
The next one added, “A loss for the world. I hope it’s temporary bestie deserves the whole world.” One fan stated, “Biggest s/o to hayley for mantaining a close connection with fans in different stages of social media for the past +14 years. that goes to show how much she appreciates everyone by replying to the community, not every artist is able to do that and she didnt need to but an icon.” Whereas, another shared, “Hayley was one of the most interactive and lighthearted musicians on Twitter so I miss her random tweets.” One user concluded, “People piss me off. they’re judging and criticizing hayley and paramore. THIS. this is f**king why hayley left social media. olivia rodgrigo’s stupid fans. if olivia wasn’t famous hayley would still be on social media. @Olivia_Rodrigo you need to quit music. your fans are trash.” 



The reason why Paramore fans were hating on Olivia Rodrigo was due to the recent plagiarism accusations for the latter’s song ‘Good 4 U’. Olivia’s lyrics from the song seemed to be heavily inspired by Paramore's track ‘Misery Business’- the lead single from the band's 2007 album ‘Riot!’ Olivia later ended up updating the song credits after she faced heat from the Internet.


















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