Why are Harry Styles' fans fat-shaming Lizzo? Snap with Olivia Wilde triggers trolls: 'Misogyny at its finest'

Why are Harry Styles' fans fat-shaming Lizzo? Snap with Olivia Wilde triggers trolls: 'Misogyny at its finest'
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Earlier today, news broke out that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were dating. The power couple was spotted at a close friend's wedding being affectionate and holding hands. This news sent the Internet spiraling down a black hole of sadness as the beloved single fella was single no more. And just as many fans across the globe were tweeting their hearts out, for some reason, Lizzo was brought into the picture.

A user on Twitter posted a picture of Lizzo and Harry Styles together holding hands during an award show. It was accompanied by a picture of Harry and Olivia Wilde holding hands at the wedding. The user said, "so Lizzo and Harry can hold hands but when Olivia and Harry do y’all assume they’re dating? make it make sense."


It looks like Lizzo's fans were offended that she wasn't romantically linked with Harry Styles when displaying the same gesture of public affection. On the other hand, when Wilde was spotted, news publications everywhere jumped to the conclusion that the two were together. "It’s cause she not a Hollywood picture-perfect White woman. If people don’t fit that narrative they don’t get shipped or theorized about. Smh" on explained.

However, it also seemed like Harry's fans were fat-shaming Lizzo. "No it's cuz he is one of the best looking guys around and she is 500 pounds. Why include race into this," one tweeted. "It's because Lizzo is a disgusting pig whose only power derives from the White libs that run Twitter pushing her fat ugly a** to the top of trending," another user wrote a particularly nasty tweet.

"Because he wouldn't date Lizzo. Its not that hard to comprehend," another said. "They will only say he’s dating someone if they fit their beauty standards. Lizzo is fat and Black. It’s misogyny at it’s finest," a user pointed out.









People on the internet were mad that assumptions are not made when Harry is displaying affection with Lizzo. "Normally I'm like 'Oh people are overreacting' but not this one. Both pictures on the left and both on the right look like he could be with either one of these ladies romantically to me. And I've never seen those pictures with Lizzo before today because there was no speculation," one said. 

"If he hold hands with Olivia or a 'model' instead of Lizzo at the award show 'for comedic purposes' would everyone still say it's a friendship? no, I don't think so," another added.

Just as the situation called for a debate around body positivity, it shines a light on body positivity. A user pointed out, "The vast majority of men are not attracted to women as large as Lizzo. To most men, she would be considered very unattractive. Harry Styles on the other hand is considered to be extremely attractive by a lot of women. He is probably f**king models and living like a playboy."







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