Meghan and Harry enjoying a quiet life in Canada doing yoga, cooking and walking dogs: 'A weight has been lifted'

Close friends have revealed that the couple are real "homebodies who love to chill out with Archie and the dogs"

                            Meghan and Harry enjoying a quiet life in Canada doing yoga, cooking and walking dogs: 'A weight has been lifted'
Harry and Meghan Markle (Getty Images)

With no obligations to carry out their carefully planned and strictly scheduled "royal engagements" after they stepped down as senior members of the Britis monarchy last month, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have never more freely enjoyed their lives.

Although to the outer world, it might seem like a struggle to make such a life-changing decision, an anonymous friend of Harry and Meghan revealed that 'Megxit' did not happen in a day and that it was something that the pair felt like they wanted to do for a very long time. 

“This decision [to leave] had been weighing on them for a long time, and they are relieved to have it done,” a friend told People Magazine in this week’s issue. “A weight has been lifted off their shoulders.”

Settling down in a $14 million mansion off the Pacific coast in the scenic Vancouver Island, the couple has started a new chapter in their lives along with their infant son, Archie, and are often seen taking casual strolls, leisurely running errands and spending their time hiking near their home. 

“They both love to be outside and have been loving it there,” the friend said adding that when they were not doing yoga or eating in, they were walking their dogs or grabbing takeouts. 

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex depart Canada House on January 07, 2020 in London, England. (Getty Images)

“They are enjoying living a quiet life,” an insider said. “They go for long walks, they do yoga, and Meghan cooks. They are real homebodies who love to chill out with Archie and the dogs.”

While resigning from their royal duties came with the price - both Harry and Meghan having to lose their HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) titles, and the former having to forgo his role as youth ambassador to the Commonwealth - at the end of the day it was easy for both of them to cope with the losses because Harry was never someone who cared much for royal titles and Meghan was an American-born to start with. 

The British history-altering decision ultimately gave them the freedom to pursue the passions and humanitarian goals they always wanted to achieve without the media pestering them every step of the way, which often caused to distract them from their important work.

“These plans take a lot of time, and staff are putting in the legwork to prepare it properly and make sure it delivers on the expectations and the couple’s ambitions,” a royal household source said. 

Another close friend added: “It’s full throttle for them right now. They have a lot happening in 2020, and it will be really exciting to see.” 

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