Prince William confides in Kate and is more 'level-headed' than Prince Harry who 'takes everything personally'

Harry is 'impulsive, takes everything personally' while William is the 'logical thinker'

                            Prince William confides in Kate and is more 'level-headed' than Prince Harry who 'takes everything personally'
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Prince Harry and Prince William are still dealing with the fallout surrounding the former's decision to step back as a senior member of the royal family, but are doing so in very different ways, it is claimed.

A source told Us Weekly that the brothers have "different coping mechanisms," with William reportedly being the "logical thinker" and the younger Harry more "emotional and impulsive."

"Harry’s more sensitive and emotional than William – he takes everything so personally," the source revealed. "He can be rather impulsive at times. Harry wants the world to know that no one should suffer in silence, which is why he opened up about [his late mother] Princess Diana and going to therapy."

The source also revealed that William, 37, was not one who let things get to him easily and that when he did have problems, he would confide in wife Kate Middleton and they would work through it together.

Prince William, Catherine, Meghan, and Prince Harry leave after attending Christmas Day Church service at Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate on December 25, 2018 in King's Lynn, England
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"He doesn’t let things let things get to him like Harry does," the source said. "That’s not to say William has a heart of steel — he’s actually an incredibly loving and kind man, he just has a different way of dealing with emotions and is more level-headed than his brother." "If William has a problem, he’ll talk to Kate about it. William confides in her about everything," the source added.

The source said that Harry similarly refers to his wife Meghan Markle as "his rock," though he does still seek professional help as well.

"She knows everything about her husband and is constantly advising him," the source shared. "He first opened up to Meghan about the trauma he went through dealing with his mom’s death shortly after they met – it was during their trip to Africa."

Harry and Meghan had sent shockwaves through the royal family early in January after they announced that they would be stepping back from their roles to "carve out a progressive new role within this institution."

After Megxit was finalized, they moved to a $13 million mansion on a Vancouver Island, but not before Harry and William met to heal a two-year rift that supposedly began when the latter asked his brother to not rush into marrying Meghan.

The pair held "secret peace talks" that was facilitated by their wives because they realized it was "now or never," it was claimed.

"It has been ground-breaking in terms of saving their bond as brothers and has been totally driven by them," it was reported at the time. "But Kate and Meghan, who was in Canada, did join in with some of the talks on more than one occasion — which is another sign of a real thaw in their relationship. Things are better."

However, Us Weekly claimed that Harry and William's relationship is still icy. The source told the publication "they didn't leave on good terms by any means, but they are both relieved that it's over" and that they had spoken only a "couple times" about "business matters".

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