Harper gifts father David Beckham a £4,950 Louis Vuitton wine case for his birthday

All the Beckham children were there to celebrate their father's 43rd birthday and took to social media to share the festivities.

                            Harper gifts father David Beckham a £4,950 Louis Vuitton wine case for his birthday
(L-R) David and Harper Beckham (Source: Getty Images)

David Beckham's six-year-old daughter Harper certainly has expensive taste as she gifted her father a rather luxurious present for his 43rd birthday. The gift in this case was a £4,950 Louis Vuitton wine case.

As the family gathered together for a meal in a London restaurant, Beckham took to Instagram to show off what his daughter had given him for his birthday.

The well-known football star could not contain his excitement as he showed off his LV wine case. The monogram case even came with its own personalized key tag which read, "Daddy's Wine Cellar, Love Harper!' as well as two crystal wine glasses. 

Earlier on that same day, Victoria Beckham decided to share an adorable video of Harper in her school uniform as she read a special birthday message to her father.

"Dear daddy, happy birthday. I hope you like your fabulous presents. Love Harper. I love you so so much daddy". 

Beckham's eldest son, Brooklyn, also surprised his father on his birthday with a surprise visit and flew from New York to meet him.


David was in shock and got very emotional as his son approached him and joined in on the birthday meal. "What are you doing here?" David asked his son as his daughter Harper said in the background, "I didn't know Brooklyn was coming!"

Later on, Brooklyn even shared a picture of them enjoying a bottle of red wine and captioned the picture, "Happy birthday dad xx I love you to the moon and back". 

Cruz Beckham, 13, also decided to share a snap of him and his father sharing a hug on a vacation. Along with the picture, he wrote, "Happy birthday to the best dad in the world, I love you so much and I hope you have an amazing day". 15-year-old Romeo Beckham also shared a photograph of him and his father. 

Just before all the festivities began, Victoria posted a few Instagram stories to share the progress of the preparation for David's birthday.