Harley Quinn gets major power upgrade from Apokolips, complete with brand new costume

In a mission to distract herself from her own feelings, Harley goes to Apokolips and gets a major upgrade to her threat level

                            Harley Quinn gets major power upgrade from Apokolips, complete with brand new costume
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Spoilers for 'Harley Quinn' Season 2 Episode 8 'Inner (Para Demons)

Harley Quinn's (Kaley Cuoco) career in super-villainy has gone just about as far as it can take her. Courtesy of Darkseid (Michael Ironside), she has just been given her most powerful upgrade ever. By the end of the episode, she's given that power up, but for a few glorious, horrifying moments, she was a villain powerful enough to take the Justice League on her own. 

Harley's path to super-villainy wasn't easy - Darkseid first questioned her motivations, and then, when he was sure that she was ready to be a villain worthy of conquering the world, she set her the task of defeating Granny Goodness (Jessica Walter) in combat. Harely was massively outmatched, but Doctor Psycho (Tony Hale) manage to help her cheat at a crucial moment, and that was good enough for Darkseid.

He allowed Harley to take Granny's scepter, which immediately transformed Harley into a much more powerful version of herself - complete with a new costume that is a mix of Granny Goodness' classic costume and Harley's own signature red and black. 

The scepter also gave Harley control of a parademon army, just in time to defend herself against Jim Gordon's (Chris Meloni) own citizen's militia and their tanks. Harley attacks without hesitation, killing several New New Gotham citizens of debatable innocence, embracing her super-villainy with a full-blown maniacal laugh. It's not until Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) asks Harley if the devastation is what she really wants does Harley calm down.

With a snap of the scepter, Harley gives up her power, instantly losing her new costume, her strength, and her parademon army.

Still from 'Harley Quinn' (DC Universe)

It's worth noting, however, that Ivy clarifies that she's "ride or die" - she would have remained by Harley's side even if Harley had wanted to continue to wreak devastation. Harley, for her part, realizes all that she really wants is to be with Poison Ivy - but given that Ivy is still happily engaged to Kite Man (Matt Oberg), Harley realizes that no amount of devastation can get her what she really wants.

The next episode of 'Harley Quinn' airs May 29 at 9 AM ET, on DC Universe. 

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