'Harley Quinn' Season 1 Episode 9 Premiere: Harley and Ivy deal with the awkwardness of their first kiss

Harley and Ivy deal with the post-kiss awkwardness in drastically different ways, and in the meanwhile, Jim Gordon is given a very special assignment

                            'Harley Quinn' Season 1 Episode 9 Premiere: Harley and Ivy deal with the awkwardness of their first kiss
(DC Universe)

It finally happened. Giving fans what they've been asking for since the series began, the romantic feelings that Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) have been harboring for each other was finally made canon in an onscreen kiss at the end of last episode. However, that kiss has complicated the relationship between to two best friends - especially considering that Ivy has been happily engaged to Kite Man (Matt Oberg).

Both Harley and Ivy deal with the aftermath of that kiss in different ways...some a lot more destructive than others.

Poison Ivy has both shown and openly admitted to being completely happy in her relationship with Kite Man. There have been no major complications in their relationship at all - they are one of DC's healthiest couples, as strange as that pairing is. Poison Ivy is going to have to figure out exactly what her kiss means, and what that, in turn, means for her relationship with Kite Man.

Before she can get to any of that, however, she has to deal with a much more intimidating challenge: she's about to meet Kite Man's parents for the very first time. It appears that she is going to be doing everything in her power to make sure her relationship with Kite Man remains on track.

Harley Quinn, in the meanwhile, deals with her feelings by running away from them as fast as she possibly can - and that is far indeed. She doesn't just leave New New Gotham, Harley finds herself off of Earth entirely, in the most dangerous planet in the DC universe: Apokolips. She's going to be dealing with more parademons than she can swing a stick at, which is certainly one way to avoid thinking about the romantic feelings she has for her very engaged best friend. 

In the background, however, serious conversations are taking place. The President contacts Jim Gordon (Chris Meloni), letting him know that New New Gotham can be saved, and its natural order restored - but in order for that to happen, Gordon first needs to take out Harley Quinn. It's Gordon's greatest challenge, and this time he doesn't have Batman (Diedrich Bader) by his side. He will likely need the assistance of Batgirl (Brianna Cuoco), though even she might not be up to the challenge.

The official synopsis for 'Inner (Para) Demons' reads: "Harley and Ivy are feeling post-kiss awkwardness. Harley runs as far as she can from her feelings and the running leads her all the way to Apokolips. Contrary to Harley, Ivy faces her feelings and Kite Man's parents head on. Ivy feels the weight of her kiss with Harley and in turn, doubles down on her relationship with Kite Man. Meanwhile, the President tells Gordon that in order to put Gotham back on the map, he must get rid of Harley Quinn." 

This episode of 'Harley Quinn' airs May 22, on DC Universe.

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