'Happily Ever Altered': Matt fears Alexa will turn into a hot woman and might leave him after surgery

'Happily Ever Altered': Matt fears Alexa will turn into a hot woman and might leave him after surgery
Alexa and Matt (Lifetime)

Lifetime is all set to release one of its specials — 'Happily Ever Altered.' It follows Alexa and Matt on their transformation journeys that they are taking up to ensure they look the best versions of themselves on their wedding day. And to achieve that, the couple will have to undergo multiple surgeries and cosmetic procedures. However, the show comes with a twist. The duo will have to live apart until their big day.

This decision worries Matt because he is certain that after having shed those extra kilos, Alexa will gain new confidence and look hot and that might change her mind. "She'll be hot and might not want me anymore," Matt said in the preview clip shared by The Blast. And it's not just him who is worried about the relationship faltering. Alexa too thinks it will be an emotional journey and that may impact what she shares with Matt. 

But maybe the couple has nothing to worry about. A few minutes into the clip, we see Matt being the silent support Alexa needs just the day before her surgery. She is nervous about the surgery. She seeks help from her children as well, who assured that they will be there with her. As she puts her bag together for the hospital, Alexa realizes that she may not be ready for it. She never packs her mobile phone in her luggage. Thankfully, Matt was there to lend his shoulders for her to cry on, literally and figuratively. He understands that with Alexa gone for a couple of days, the children need to be taken care of and he promises to be there. 

Whatever the end result may be, one must credit Alexa and Matt to have started a journey that is equal parts important and tough. It will help them start things over, be confident of their appearance and possibly, love and adore each other more than ever for completing such a tricky task. Let's hope they don't give up mid-way. 

'Happily Ever Altered' premieres on July 22 on Lifetime at 10/9 c. For more information, check your local listings.

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