Mother of 6-month-baby who was burned to death in Louisiana has now been arrested for alleged involvement in murder

Hannah Barker first claimed that two men had kidnapped her which led to the murder, but investigation proves otherwise

                            Mother of 6-month-baby who was burned to death in Louisiana has now been arrested for alleged involvement in murder
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Authorities in Louisiana have arrested the mother of the 6-month-old boy, Levi Cole Ellerbe who died last week after being set on fire. Hannah Barker, 22, was charged with principal to first-degree murder. She has been named as the second person who was involved in the infants killing. Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith, 25, was first arrested on first-degree murder charges. Police allege that the two women knew each other and it was Hannah's action that led to the death of her child. As per the statement made by the police, it is believed that Hannah remains in police custody without bail. As per a statement from the Natchitoches Police Department, Levi died on July 18 after sustaining severe burns. 

As reported by People, the Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office statement indicates that an additional charge will also be filed against Smith in the coming days. Following her arrest, in a statement which Hannah made to the authorities, she defends the claims by stating that she’d been sprayed in the face with a chemical — possibly mace — by two men who knocked on her trailer door at around 9 pm on July 17, the day of the incident. 

However, the new statement is different from the one she had made before. In her previous statement, Hannah claimed she’d fled the trailer to escape the men and when she returned a short time later, she discovered Levi was gone. The baby boy was found a little while after with severe burns on him which were also reported to be the cause of his death. 

“The baby was transported to [Christus Natchitoches Regional Medical Center] in critical condition. He was then airlifted to University Health where he later succumbed to his injuries,” the statement made by the police at that time read. Meanwhile, The new statement made by Hannah does not address her earlier claims concerning the two male suspects.

A statement was made by State Fire Marshal Chief H “Butch” Browning saying,  “I want to highlight the determination and dedication of the team of investigators from both agencies who have doggedly worked this case from the start. Rest assured, that diligent work is not over yet.” Hannah has not appeared before a judge to enter a plea to the charge she faces.

Prior to Hannah's arrest, Felicia Marie-Nicole Smith had been arrested for the same case and is facing a single first-degree murder charge. The relationship between Felicia, Hannah or Levi has not yet been identified. Just like Hannah, Felicia also remains in police custody without bail. It is unclear if the two women were represented by a lawyer who could comment on this case. It is unclear what led the two woman to kill the six-mon-old boy, Levi. The police are still investigating the incident. 

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