Norwegian indie-pop band Hajk have announced their sophomore full-length album, Drama, out February 1, 2019 on Oslo-based label Jansen Records (Chain Wallet, Death By Unga Bunga, Darling West).

The band broke the newws with the release of the album’s lead single, Dancing Like This, a buoyant, wide-eyed love song that invites listeners into the world they’ve created on the highly-anticipated follow-up to their acclaimed 2017 debut . 

Drama – of the interpersonal kind – is what Hajk are all about on their upcoming album and it relates to the drama of humanity and a somewhat naïve yearning for love in a world in which love sometimes seems scarce.

Hajk, Dancing Like This

With the LP, a more confident band is on display here. Blending analog and digital sounds, switching between programmed arrangements and live takes from the studio, drawing on three lead vocalists and several guest musicians, Hajk has done whatever necessary to fulfill their creative vision all on their own. This time they are taking the sound of their debut a few notches further; it’s  a record that both heavily pulls at the heartstrings and urges you to dance.

Hajk burst onto the Norwegian music scene with their 2017 self-titled debut that received praise from the likes of Astrid S, Sigrid and Kimbra, as well as a united Norwegian music press.