Hacksmith: YouTuber builds John Wick styled real life bulletproof suit

Hacksmith: YouTuber builds John Wick styled real life bulletproof suit
Hacksmith recently created a bulletproof suit like the one Keanu Reeves' wears in 'John Wick' (Hacksmith Industries/YouTube)

James Hobson, a popular Canadian YouTuber better known as Hacksmith, is known for his videos that highlight his skills in building unique things. Inspired by 'John Wick', he built a real life bulletproof suit just like the one seen in the action movies. The suit is designed to provide protection to the wearer against bullets, knives and other forms of physical assault.

Hacksmith has 13.5 million followers. He often takes on outrageous projects, which take months to complete. Likewise, he spent a year working on this bulletproof suit, which is made from a combination of kevlar and ballistic plates. The suit includes a jacket, pants, gloves and a helmet, all of which are designed to provide maximum protection to the wearer.


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Hacksmith's bulletproof suit

The Hacksmith demonstrated the suit’s durability by firing a number of different weapons at the suit. The suit successfully stopped bullets from handguns, shotguns and even an AK-47. The Ballistic fibers absorbed the bullet’s impact and prevents it from hurting the wearer. 


Hacksmith also tested the suit's ability against knives and found that it was effective. The suit has a number of other features too, including a communication system that allows the wearer to communicate with others in real-time and a thermal imaging system that provides a clear view of the surrounding area.



According to Hacksmith, he wanted to create a suit that could potentially be used by law enforcement and military personnel in dangerous situations. The creation of the bulletproof suit has garnered attention from around the world, with many people expressing amazement at the Hacksmith's ingenuity and creativity. Some have even suggested that the suit could have practical applications in law enforcement and military operations.

Hacksmith’s suit offers real-life possibilities

Hacksmith's suit remains flexible with 16 layers of composite materials and it is 3.4 mm thick. Kevlar is a high strength material with heat resistant synthetic fiber, that was cut at a 45 degree angle for the suit. The jacket has 20 layers of special kevlar. It has the potential to help in a variety of real-life situations, from law enforcement to military operations to personal protection. The suit's innovative design and technology could provide protection to individuals in dangerous situations.


Hacksmith has a background in engineering and robotics, and is no stranger to creating innovative and unique projects. His YouTube channel features a wide range of videos, including the creation of a real-life lightsaber, a working Iron Man suit and a functional Captain America shield.

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 Hacksmith: YouTuber builds John Wick styled real life bulletproof suit