Gypsy Rose Blanchard writes letter from prison, asks supporters to help her get freedom by asking for an early release

Gypsy Rose Blanchard writes letter from prison, asks supporters to help her get freedom by asking for an early release
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Gypsy Rose Blanchard's tragic story that inspired Hulu's 'The Act' is taking a turn as she has asked supporters to aid her father in reducing her prison sentence. The infamous case of Gypsy and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard attracted widespread public attention in June 2015, after Gypsy plotted her own mother's murder and executed it with the help of her then-boyfriend Nick Godejohn, a 24-year-old man she'd met on a Christian dating website two years earlier.

Gypsy, who is now 27 and no longer dating Godejohn, agreed to a plea deal for her role in the murder and is serving a 10-year prison sentence.  Gypsy's father, Rod Blanchard, had divorced her mother before their daughter was born. In a letter shared by In Touch, Gypsy started off by appreciating her supporters' "continued encouragement throughout my prison sentence." Referring to the immense support the Free Gypsy Blanchard Petition has garnered, she went on to ask people to "please aid my father in his efforts for my freedom and write a letter expressing support for my early release."

Gypsy added the address where supporters can send their letters, and mentioned that she's "scheduled for a parole hearing in December  2021, however any and all letters of support are helpful." She signed the note with "thank you" and a smiley face.

Gypsy suffered from Munchausen by proxy until she was a teenager and found out that her mother Dee Dee had been lying about her daughter's never-ending list of illnesses including chronic asthma and seizures. According to reports, if a person fakes their own illnesses, it’s simply Munchausen syndrome, but when the symptoms are feigned or induced in others, it’s called Munchausen by proxy. Dee Dee suffered from the intense need to nurture and look after her daughter, while Gypsy found her escape through a Christian dating site and a murder plot. 

Dee Dee's body was discovered by the police four days after the murder. Godejohn had stabbed her with a knife multiple times in the back and slashed her across her neck. Godejohn is currently in custody awaiting trial for first-degree murder. He may be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty.


Gypsy is now engaged to her boyfriend whose identity has not been disclosed. The couple is waiting for Gypsy's release from prison to fulfill their dreams of marriage.

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 Gypsy Rose Blanchard letter from prison asks supporters help reduce prison sentence