Woman who boasted about sleeping with over 100 married men to "save their marriages", slammed by viewers as "homewrecker"

The serial mistress who is a former financial consultant is perfectly ok with having affairs with married men because she finds that she is helping the cheating man gain a release

                            Woman who boasted about sleeping with over 100 married men to "save their marriages", slammed by viewers as "homewrecker"
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Gweneth Lee became the talking point on the show, This Morning, after she confessed during the interview that she has had sex with 100 married men and in that way, saved the marriages of these men. Gweneth, a financial consultant, from Chelsea, London, revealed that she met her lovers on website Illicit Encounters and went on to claim that the men came to on the website because they were living in a long, sexless marriage.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Tuesday's show, Gweneth admitted that more than one partner came to her claiming that having an affair helped them rejuvenate their relationships and created a 'relaxed' bond between them and their wives. While Gweneth does not find anything wrong in what she does, people were not so thrilled to hear her story.  

They quickly took to Twitter and started calling her out and tagging her as a 'homewrecker'. Gweneth believes that one of the reasons men seek to resort to her is because their relationships with their wives have changed and having children along with a hectic work has not done them any good. Even though she is aware that her partners are married to someone else, she does not feel guilty about having sex with them.  

"More than one man I've been with has said ''Having an affair with you has made our who live so much more relaxed," she said, according to Daily Mail. "It's taken the pressure off the wife who, maybe after 25, 30 years of marriage, they're not into him anymore and he only has sex with his wife on his birthday, Christmas or their wedding anniversary, and she's miserable doing it, she just doesn't want to do it anymore."

People were shocked to hear Gweneth's boasts because they said they wouldn't appreciate someone having an affair with their husbands. "How can this woman be happy with the fact she's sleeping with other women's husbands? Not something to be proud of love, you're a homewrecker," one person tweeted. While another noted, "Trust me, love, my other half wouldn't thank me for getting you involved. Hideous."

When further asked how she would feel about possibly breaking a family, Gweneth confessed that she will not feel guilty. "Their wife and their kids is their business my family is my business. Anybody who is in a relationship decides what they share and they don't share with the person they're involved with," she said.

Gweneth joined the website 10 years ago after her husband Robert died of cancer. She calls herself a free agent and says that she is willing to even go exclusively with men if she finds them interesting or else she is ready to go with men for few months, few dates or even a year.  

The serial mistress also boasted of having enjoyed more than £100,000-worth of luxury holidays, all paid for by unfaithful husbands, who include a jeweler, a stockbroker and a technology firm boss.

She also divulged how she managed to get into the mile high club on a private jet and her philosophy is that why should she pay for an expensive foreign holiday when a lover can do that for her. The men usually meet her under the pretext of business meetings or trips.

She is unapologetic about her affairs with married men and believes that men come to her because they know for certain she won't be banging on their doors asking for a marriage or snitching to their wives.