Gucci Mane still laughing about killing Young Jeezy's man Pookie Loc, fans say he's 'back in his ways'

The murder occurred after the rapper was assaulted by Pookie Lok and three other men, following which Man shot him

                            Gucci Mane still laughing about killing Young Jeezy's man Pookie Loc, fans say he's 'back in his ways'
Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy (Getty Images)

Gucci Mane shared a meme to Instagram that pokes fun at an incident where he shot an associate of Young Jeezy who was allegedly sent to rob Mane. The associate was killed in the encounter, but Mane was acquitted of the charge while Jeezy denied any involvement in the matter. And since then, Mane has taken every opportunity to talk about the incident, from detailing the traumatizing incident in his autobiography to laughing about it in memes.

The original meme features a video of a fake shootout with the man being attacked pulling some serious movie stunt moves. The video is titled, "This was Gucci Mane when Jeezy sent those dudes to take his chain." Mane shared the video to his social media with the caption, "But fa real tho" coupled with a few laughing emojis.

"Gucci Mane a heartless b*stard going post that meme about when he smoked Jeezy man," tweeted one user in response, while another said, "Not Gucci mane posting memes about how he killed jeezy’s bff 10 yrs ago !!!!!! Before noon at that !!!!!"

One post stated, "Gucci Mane's back in his ways," to which another responded sarcastically, "Yeah killing people is so funny."

One user said, "Randomly thinking bout how Jeezy sent 5 n*ggas to kill Gucci Mane & he end up killing 1 of em" while another tweeted, "Yall gotta give Gucci mane the same energy y’all gave da many times Gucci gone bring up him shooting Jeezy potna?"

Others made callbacks to the long-running feud between the two rappers, stating, "I love how Gucci mane takes any opportunity he can to shade Jeezy. Lol," while another tweeted, "That Gucci Mane & Jeezy beef is legendary."

Some, however, had no idea this beef even existed, asking "Wait.. gucci mane & jeezy don’t like each other???"


For the uninitiated, the beef between Mane and Jeezy goes back to 2005 when the two first collaborated on the track, 'Icy'. Jeezy believed it would feature on his debut album, 'Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101', but instead, it landed on Mane's first independent album, 'Trap House'. Jeezy later claimed he was not paid for the song and eventually claimed he put a bounty on Mane's head via the song, 'Stay Strapped', following which the two engaged in a war of words through subsequent songs.

Their falling out and subsequent war have resulted in some of the greatest diss tracks ever. One fan tweeted, "Gucci Mane diss to Young Jeezy might be the greatest diss track in history and I have time to argue about it today lmaoo".

Following their diss tracks, however, the violence turned physical when in May 2005, four men broke into the house Mane was in and assaulted him. When they threatened to shoot him, Mane beat them to the act, following which the men fled. The man shot was Henry Lee Clark III, also known as the rapper Pookie Loc, who was signed to Jeezy's label. He was later found dead near a school.

Mane turned himself to the police after an arrest warrant was issued and charged with the murder. Due to the fact that Mane was the one being attacked, many see him murdering Jeezy's associate as an act of self-defense.

But not all are laughing along with Mane. One user tweeted, "Gucci mane is a evil dude I really think jeezy is a good dude and jeezy music is better," adding, "Gucci mane use to rob ppl," in reference to Mane robbing someone of $50,000, which he would later admit to on his song 'Lawnmower Man'.

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