Rihanna and Donald Glover make sure 'Guava Island' stays on top of watchlists despite it being shrouded in secrecy

Rihanna and Donald Glover make sure 'Guava Island' stays on top of watchlists despite it being shrouded in secrecy

It mostly takes just one or two globally known faces to spread the word about a community, and something quite similar is happening with Donald Glover and Rihanna's upcoming project, 'Guava Island'. The film had been kept under wraps for a very long time, and finally, there is a confirmed release date and a network which will actually let the movie stream for a limited amount of time without any subscription. However, it seems that Rihanna and Glover's combined stardom has a lot to contribute to the otherwise discreetly made film about a Cuban musician and his attempts to break through the humdrum affairs of his life. 

Although a picture of the pair who are set to play the leading characters in the movie was leaked last year, it did not really hamper the film's otherwise discreet nature of making. The film is set to follow Glover's character who tries to create a music festival in the country, and in his attempts to do so, he travels wide across Cuba to bring together people so that he is able to give to his community some relief from all its hardship. On the other hand, Rihanna's character plays his partner, and as can be expected, the young hero's quest will involve quite an aging love story. Although the premise itself is nothing unusual, it's cast is certainly enough to garner attention from fans all over the world.

When Glover released a teaser about the movie, fans immediately were drawn to the post. Some even demanded the immediate release of a new album with the two artists thus confirming their position as entertainers in the industry.



In fact, by the number of comments which were just about fans demanding a full-length album from Glover and Rihanna, it seemed that people find it difficult to imagine two record-breaking singers coming together as actors for a movie — that too, a movie which is a full-fledged feature and not a documentary like Beyonce's upcoming Netflix movie, 'Homecoming'. 


Fans found it difficult to believe that the two singers are actually acting in a movie. (Twitter)


Even if we consider the way 'Homecoming' was released and the immediate frenzied hype that followed, it once again has quite a lot to do with the 'Lemonade' singer's decade long stardom. Netflix only teased the upcoming movie with a small tweet, and within a few days, it has already been retweeted at least 17,000 times.



However, although the cryptic tweet did not give out much, the trailer actually reveals quite a lot. In the passing shots where we see Beyonce conquering the stage in her own queen-like manner, it can be said that the singer has paid an honest tribute to her people. While looking at Beyonce's celebrated 2018 Coachella performance, 'Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé', will be "interspersed with candid footage and interviews detailing the preparation and powerful intent behind her vision, [the movie] traces the emotional road from creative concept to cultural movement."


At the end of the day, fans are pretty psyched about the upcoming Rihanna-Glover movie, and thanks to their combined global presence 'Guava Island' is receiving a lot more attention than any Cuban movie had ever received.



Even 'Lucia' which was claimed to be a gem of Cuban cinema did not receive as much recognition, as 'Guava Island' has even before its release. We don't have to wait for long since 'Guava Island' will drop on Saturday, April 13, at 12:01 am PT and will be available to stream for free without an Amazon Prime subscription until 6 pm on Saturday. 

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