What do Grimes' tattoos mean? Inside Elon Musk's girlfriend's 'alien scars' and 16 others she got inked

Grimes has never shied away from professing her love for aliens. so it was only apt that she got a unique full-back tattoo and labeled it as 'alien scars'.

                            What do Grimes' tattoos mean? Inside Elon Musk's girlfriend's 'alien scars' and 16 others she got inked
Grimes has several tattoos across her body (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

Sylvia Plath once famously said, "Wear your heart on your skin in this life." Canadian musician Claire Elise Boucher aka Grimes seems to have taken it literally. The 33-year-old girlfriend of Elon Musk has seventeen tattoos across her body!

On Sunday (April 11), the 'Oblivion' singer took to her Instagram to show off her latest tattoo which she playfully nicknamed "alien scars". The tattoo is spread across her back and designed with white ink. She wrote, "Full back in white ink by @tweakt w sum help from the alien computer brain of @nusi_quero Don’t have a good pic cuz it hurts too much and I need to sleep haha, and it’ll be red for a few wks, but gna be beautiful alien scars Hope everyone’s having a good day 😴."


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Grimes has never shied away from professing her love for aliens. So it was only apt that she got a unique full-back tattoo and labeled it as 'alien scars'. But that isn't the unique tattoo on her body. Read on to know more about the other 16 tattoos on Grimes' body and their meaning.

Heart on the left forearm and left bicep

Grimes had a small black outline of a heart tattooed on her left forearm, and a half black and half red outline of a heart on her bicep. Heart tattoos traditionally represent love and courage, although some consider the heart symbol to be religious.

Brushstroke leg tattoo




The singer also has a huge brushstroke tattoo on her leg that extends from her mid-thigh to all the way down to the center of her foot. According to Body Art Guru, that tattoo also involves the word "тихо" which can be translated to “quiet” in Russian. Delphine Nozitoy of Love Letter Tattoo Parlor, Los Angeles inked the tattoo on the singer's body in 2017. 

Hand Writing Tattoo




According to the website, Grimes's first tattoo was a finger tattoo on her left hand which she got along with her friend Hana Pestle. Delphine is the artist behind these tattoos too which have "Qenya" written on them in elvish language. An elvish language is a form of language that later became Quenya (High-elven). Grimes got eleven scripts on three of her fingers which translates to,  “Contradiction / Be ready for war / No shields allowed” when converted in English.

‘ФАЙ’ Tattoo

She also has an "ФАЙ" tattoo on her right knee, which reportedly translates to "paradise". 

'Beautiful' on her left hand




The 33-year-old beauty "beautiful" tattooed on the back of her left hand in italics font. In a since-deleted Instagram post, she shared, "Feeling beautiful despite many imperfections, haha, terrible and wonderful memories etched into my skin. Even the most screwed up ones were all done w or by my best friends and they all feel like home.”

Chains below 'Beautiful' tattoo

Right underneath her 'Beautiful' tattoo, Grimes has some chains tattooed. They begin from her forearm and are wrapped around her wrist. This was reportedly a homemade tattoo. 

Triforce tattoo on left forearm




Hands and arms seem to be Grimes' favored body part to get tattooed. The singer has a small triforce symbol from the popular video game "The Legend of Zelda" tattooed on her left forearm. It also has a very beautiful, heart-warming story behind it. Grimes and her brothers got the same tattoo on their arms to pay tribute to their childhood memories. She said, "The Legend of Zelda was the first video game me and my brothers ever got, and so we all got matching Triforce tattoos.”

Self-made tattoos on the left hand

Grimes revealed that she inked some of her tattoos by herself. She inked a Greek meander on her finger, an alien head, her number 8, and a bracelet with a triangle shape on her left hand. 

Magic symbol of Elves on her left palm and rune words on her rib cage

Grimes' magic symbols of Elves tattoo was done by Grace Neutral, while her rune words tattoo was designed by Delphine.

Black Bands and geometric designs on fingers




Grimes has two black bands inked on the little finger of her left hand. These bands symbolize strength, eternal commitments, and power. Grimes's middle finger and right-hand index finger have geometric pattern designs. 

Dagger on left calf

Grimes has a dagger on the inside of her left calf. Daggers usually represent bravery and strength. 

Brushup arm tattoo

Grimes revealed that through her brushup tattoo was a reminder that she's an artist.  “Big streaks of paint so I always remember that I’m an artist, Delphine is a master of this style. I hope to add more specks of paint with her later, so that my hands always look as if I’ve just been painting and making a mess.”












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