Grieving mother crowdfunds for $18,000 IVF treatment after her 4-year-old daughter died in tragic accident

Natasha Azadi, who lost her only four-year-old daughter is now resorting to crowdfunding for another shot at motherhood

                            Grieving mother crowdfunds for $18,000 IVF treatment after her 4-year-old daughter died in tragic accident

A woman has had to resort to crowdfunding as a means for an IVF treatment following the death of her only child. Natasha Azadi's four-year-old daughter Jessica suffered from fatal head injuries when a marble fireplace fell on her. 

The marble fireplace was kept against a fence in her garden in Thornaby, Teesside, when it toppled over her. The unfortunate and very tragic accident took place in September 2016.  Natasha who is a 30-year-old maternity nurse is now looking to crowdfunding to try and raise around £14,000 (around $18,000) in order to pay for IVF treatment so that she can be a mother again. Post the tragedy in 2016, Jessica was rushed to the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough but succumbed to her injuries.


When Jessica died, Natasha took to social media to share, "I don't even know how to begin to explain what me and Ben are feeling. Our world has gone to the sky in a total freak accident that no matter how I play it in my head cannot be changed." She added that her "whole world had ended". Along with some help from her friends, Natasha Azadi started a 'Justgiving' page to try and raise £14,000. 

Azadi is also working overtime to try and raise a few more bucks to fund her treatment. She will be using a sperm donor and is "hoping for twins".

She added, "But one will be a blessing for me." As reported by Teesside Live, Natasha shared, "I always wanted more children and thought I had time and was still young enough. But when I was still with Jess' dad, I also knew I had fertility issues and had never explored the options.


"I then went to the London Fertility Clinic in Darlington where I was told that one option for me was IVF treatment and that I would always need that to have another child," she continued.

Her friends wrote on her 'Justgiving' page, "As many people know Natasha has struggled with fertility for many years. Back in 2012, she was blessed with her daughter Jessica, sadly in September 2016 her daughter tragically passed away."

Natasha's friends also shared that Natasha "dreams to become a mum herself again one day" and "deserves to hold her own baby in her arms once again. Natasha didn't want to reach out for help, as she knows many thousands of women are in her position, but as her friends, we know not all have been through what she has. We believe she deserves this chance and we want to see her live doing what she is best at — being an amazing mum."