'Game of Thrones' fans seeking professional counseling to manage 'anger, sadness and grief' after finale

'Game of Thrones' fans seeking professional counseling to manage 'anger, sadness and grief' after finale

After 'Game Of Thrones' came to an end, many fans of the iconic HBO show reported feeling disappointed and depressed. So much so that many are now seeking therapy to overcome the negative feelings.

However, all is not lost. The fans can now talk through their feelings about the show's ending for just $50 an hour.

A new counseling service by Bark.com offers fans the opportunity to talk to someone about their feelings about the show and its ending.

Bark.com — a website usually dedicated to helping users find dog groomers, builders and plumbers — has initiated a custom-made service for 'GOT' fans.

"Game of Thrones has such an impressive following that the fact it’s ending is going to impact a lot of people. Fans are upset at, firstly, it’s ending, and secondly how it’s ended, and considering what we do here at Bark.com, it made perfect sense to offer a service where fans can discuss their feelings with experienced counselors," John Oberlin-Harris, the Chief Marketing Officer at Bark, told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) in an exclusive interview.

A new counseling service by Bark.com has opened up for disheveled fans, who need someone to talk to about the ending of Game of Thrones after the final episode aired on Sunday (Source: IMDB)

A listing for the service actually reads: "The professionals will help them digest their feelings and interpretations of the show, which could range from anger and confusion to sadness and grief."

John added that the service will help people get a better grasp over why they feel the way that they do.

He said, "It’s a place where people can express their feelings and make sense of why they feel this way. There’s been so much around people not liking how season 8 has been written and people are clearly frustrated with the show at the minute."

John also said that the exact details of the service, which will be done via Skype or in person, are "decided between the counselors and the fan". Fans can expect "30-minute sessions for £20 ($25) an hour" and "hour-long sessions will be £40 ($50)".


Fans can sign up here, and "place a Bark (request) to book a counselor", John said.

"The counseling sessions, like any other form of counseling, is all about helping the person figure out their emotions, make sense of situations in a safe and open way with an experienced professional. Whether the client wants to figure out why they are so upset with how the show has ended, or whether they are nervous about what they will do now it’s come to a close, our counselors will be able to help," John added.

The final 'Game of Thrones' episode aired in the US at 9 pm Sunday night and was broadcast in the UK at 9 pm Monday evening.

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