'Grey's Anatomy'-'Station 19' crossover: Angry fans slam Shonda Rhimes for 'shoving it down their throat'

After the winter break, when 'Grey's Anatomy' came back with Episode 10, the showrunners mashed it up with Season 3 premiere episode of 'Station 19'. It hasn't stopped since

                            'Grey's Anatomy'-'Station 19' crossover: Angry fans slam Shonda Rhimes for 'shoving it down their throat'
'Station 19' and 'Grey's Anatomy' cast (ABC)

It's been four weeks now that fans have been trying to bear with the ultra dull and boring 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Station 19' crossovers. It all started after the "car in the bar" fiasco.

Following the winter break, when 'Grey's Anatomy' came back with Episode 10 'Help Me Through The Night', the showrunners mashed it up with 'Station 19' Season 3 premiere.

For that one particular episode, it seemed to make sense as the firefighters pulled the car out of the bar and the doctors treated the injured patients. But, why has that crossover continued for all these weeks?

With every new episode, the makers are trying to introduce a 'Station 19' character to the 'Grey's Anatomy' world or vice versa. As if the two couple crossovers, Ben Warren-Miranda Bailey and Jackson Avery-Vic Hughes, were not enough.

Miffed with Shonda Rhimes, fans cannot take it anymore. Social media is abuzz with tweets about how they should totally stop!

"Can y'all stop forcing cross-overs? If I wanted to watch #Station19 I would. Stop inserting extra characters that no one is interested in. This isn't going to make Stations 19 a hit — but it sure as heck is going to alienate #GreysAnatomy viewers," one tweet read.

Another said, "I am so sick of these #GreysAnatomy and Station 19 crossovers!!!"

Catherine, Jackson and Vic (ABC)

"First, they tried to force Amelia and Owen on us, then Jackson and Maggie, and now they are forcing an entire show on us with all of these Station 19 crossovers," one viewer wrote.

Another said, "Okay I get #GreysAnatomy and #Station19 has the same showrunner now and are in the universe/city but is every single week going to pretty much be a crossover now? Because by the previews it looks like it will. Sometimes it’s okay but every week now?"

Many fans are angry. Really angry. "I haven't sat through 16 seasons of rollercoasters for station 19 to be shoved down my throat like a toddler with its vegetables #GreysAnatomy," one tweet read.

Another said, "Why are they shoving station 19 down our throats? I’m still not gonna watch it!!" One even labelled it as "criminal" and said, "It's criminal how they sent off Karev on #GreysAnatomy and for Pete's sake stop trying to force #Station19 on us. No one likes it."

Slamming Rhimes, one fan wrote, "What's with all the #Station19 #GreysAnatomy crossovers? It's like being in a relationship for 16 yrs then finding out they an illegitimate child & now you’re stuck w both of them. Like, I didn’t sign up for this sh*t."

Are the show creators listening? Will they stop with the crossovers? No one has a clue. But they really do need to put a lid on melding the plotlines of 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Station 19' together for no reason at all.

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