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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 8: Is Andrew DeLuca really dead? Spoilers suggest he may be around

Showrunner Krista Vernoff says that Giacomo Gianniotti is not done with 'Grey's Anatomy' just yet
Giacomo Gianniotti's character Andrew DeLuca died in last week's episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' (greysabc/Instagram)
Giacomo Gianniotti's character Andrew DeLuca died in last week's episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' (greysabc/Instagram)

Andrew DeLuca's death sent shockwaves through the global community of 'Grey's Anatomy' fans. It may not have been totally out of the blue. After all, there were concerns about the DeLuca siblings and Ben Warren when the trailer of the mid-season 17 released.

But let's face it, 'Grey's Anatomy' fans thought that if any goodbyes had to be said, it would be done over the course of at least an episode or two. Instead, it was hello 'Grey's Anatomy' after a break and goodbye Andrew DeLuca almost in one breath. Showrunner Krista Vernoff, who knows she's "the worst" for killing off DeLuca, has a ray of hope to offer fans.


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Krista Vernoff in an interview with Variety says, "He actually does appear in a couple more episodes this season. And he’s directing an episode." While that is some solace, fans are still wondering what led to the storyline behind DeLuca's death. In an interview with 'Deadline' Giacomo, Gianniotti who played Andrew DeLuca, revealed that Krista Vernoff and executive producer Debbie Allen approached him a few episodes into Season 17 with the idea.

"They said, 'Hey, we’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it, and we feel there’s an opportunity to tell a really, really beautiful story that is going to help a lot of people. What if we could catch that woman that trafficked that young girl, and what if DeLuca was to save the day but to lose his life in the process, to die a hero saving all these people and all these children who potentially could’ve been trafficked, but now will not be because the traffickers were stopped?," Giacomo said. "And I just thought it was a beautiful storyline, I thought it was a beautiful way for the character to exit as a hero."

 Giacomo Gianniotti stars as Andrew DeLuca on 'Grey's Anatomy' (Getty Images)

Andrew DeLuca's character may still be present on 'Grey's Anatomy', but with his time on the show now being limited. It's clear that he is going to be sorely missed not just by fans around the world, but a very special co-star as well. Ellen Pompeo penned this emotional post about her co-star on Instagram.


With vows of friendship in Italian, it seems that this beautiful friendship will cross all barriers, even if Ellen and Giacomo don't see each other on set all the time. Giacomo also expressed his appreciation for his talented co-star.


While fans and his co-stars seem devastated, how is Giacomo himself taking this big new professional change? DeLuca said in his interview with 'Deadline', "I’ve been on the show for six years, seven seasons. It’s definitely been a long time, and I’m a young guy. So, I think this was a good time to depart, and I’m happy that Krista and Debbie and all the writers did such a great job with telling the story. I think it’s going to do justice to a lot of people and help a lot of people."

We're guessing we'll see more of Andrew DeLuca on the famous beach. While we would have preferred to have him still rushing around at 'Grey Sloan Memorial' saving the day, at least fans will get to say a proper goodbye to Andrew DeLuca. You catch the next episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' on Thursday at 9|8c on ABC.