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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 7: Has Teddy lost both Tom and Owen after she said 'I don't love you'?

Tom Koracick ravaged by COVID-19 says he needs to get over Teddy and wipe the slate clean of the destruction he has witnessed of late, while the promise of reconcilliation with Owen is dashed
Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd star as Dr Teddy Altman and Dr Owen Hunt on 'Grey's Anatomy' (Instagram@greysabc)
Kim Raver and Kevin McKidd star as Dr Teddy Altman and Dr Owen Hunt on 'Grey's Anatomy' (Instagram@greysabc)

Fans of 'Grey's Anatomy' have been keen to find out which way the love triangle between Teddy Altman, Owen Hunt and Tom Koracick will develop. As Season 17 of the show returned with Episode 7, it seemed that Teddy Altman in one single swoop has gone from having two men pursuing her to none at all.


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Greg Germann and Kim Raver star as Dr Tom Koracick and Dr Teddy Altman in 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

Fans who were rooting for Teddy and Owen felt a glimmer of hope when Teddy and Owen worked in tandem together to try to save Andrew DeLuca's life. Owen smiled at Teddy at one point when they thought that DeLuca was on the mend. But when Teddy tries to reach out to Owen, he says that he only called her to help because no one else was available and he owed DeLuca that much.

Teddy had one more tough conversation in store for her on the latest episode. Tom asked her to admit that she doesn't love him. When Teddy tried to explain that she thought that she could love both Owen and Tom, he reached the end of his tether. He was already clearly physically and emotionally exhausted from his battle with COVID-19.

So he said that based on the information in front of him, it's clear that Teddy doesn't love him. Tom told Teddy that Owen didn't want her after all she did, and yet he, Tom, was still standing by her. But he no longer wanted to be bonded with Teddy by mutual misery.

He told Teddy he wanted to pick himself up after all the destruction he has seen and gone through of late. So once again he asked Teddy to say that she doesn't love him. This time, she complied but with tears in her eyes, saying she doesn't love him. Tom thanked her for putting him out of his watch-and-wait misery.

Teddy may have told Tom she doesn't love him, but the character of Tom Koracick is certainly feeling the love from fans. One fan said, "Teddy you can leave, we don’t disrespect Tom Koracick #GreysAnatomy ". Another fan said,"As of rn Tom Koracick is running greys anatomy for me". Another disgruntled fan who didn't like how the storyline was treating Tom said: "Anyway may everyone except for Shonda and Teddy Altman have a wonderful evening. Y’all take it easy".




So is Teddy Altman finally free of all the relationship drama she had found herself entangled in? Will she do the wise thing and keep to herself for a while? Well we certainly hope so, but let's face it, the best parts of 'Grey's Anatomy' come from all those bad relationship choices.

'Grey's Anatomy’ Season 17 Episode 8 will air next Thursday on March 18 at 9 pm ET on ABC.