'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 4: Will Teddy tell Tom she loves him before he dies? Fans hope duo exits show

As things stand, Tom Koracick is heartbroken and is now dying of Covid-19

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 4: Will Teddy tell Tom she loves him before he dies? Fans hope duo exits show

The Tom-Teddy-Owen arc has been at the center of 'Grey's Anatomy' for the past two seasons. Tom (Greg Germann) and Teddy (Kim Raver) had dated a while ago, before calling it quits. Last season, Teddy decided to finally take the chance with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), as she has been not-so-secretly in love with him for a while. They were about to get married, until Teddy panicked that the father of Amelia's (Caterina Scorsone) child might be Owen. She took the option best available to her, she went and had sex with Tom, even when she patched up her relationship with Owen. Owen finally found out about her cheating through a voicemail and stood her up at the altar. As things stand, Tom is heartbroken and is now dying of Covid-19. This could lead to several possibilities, either he dies and exits the show, or Teddy confesses her love to him and they get back together, and they both exit the show. (That would be ideal, to be honest).

"Sorry to say but they are probably gonna kill Tom. They wouldn’t have two characters have COVID and Meredith be the one that dies.#GreysAnatomy," a fan wrote. Perhaps Teddy will finally make peace with Tom before he dies? "I think Teddy making peace with Tom before he dies is actually a good thing. So this actually turned out better than I thought. #GreysAnatomy," a fan tweeted. 




"I think Teddy and Tom would’ve made sense, had they not written it so that she went back to Owen. I also think that Teddy and Owen could’ve made sense, without all of this drama and mess. But not both at the same time. #GreysAnatomy," another fan wondered. There's a lot that could happen. "Tom is dying probs oh man, Teddy better finally admit she loves him #GreysAnatomy," a fan posted. Fans won't be too devastated if Tom leaves the show. "Tom might die. Teddy will be devastated & leave the show. (I won’t be that upset about it) #GreysAnatomy," another wrote.





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