'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 4: Will Jo hurt Jackson? Fans are disturbed after the odd couple have sex

This is the couple fans say they did not want ever

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 17 Episode 4: Will Jo hurt Jackson? Fans are disturbed after the odd couple have sex

It's Season 17 of 'Grey's  Anatomy' and another couple is on the way. In the premiere, Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) asked for a 'sexual favor' from Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). Now that's something that no one saw coming and they still hate it. For starters, they make for a really odd couple and it's getting tiring watching Jackson being thrown around to every woman. 

For the past few seasons, Jackson is being shunted from woman to woman and has lacked depth. Jo's husband, the ever-reliable Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), left her for his ex-wife Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), which received heavy backlash from fans. It went against everything Alex had believed in and negated his character development for the past sixteen years. Jo's pity party needs to be over soon and this cringefest with Jackson should stop, fans demand.

"Anyone else think that Jackson & Jo getting together is weird asf or just me ?? #GreysAnatomy," a fan wrote. Another echoed this sentiment. "This Jackson and Jo thing is weird.. is it just me ? #GreysAnatomy," a viewer asked. "I don’t like it. EW!! Jackson & Jo. EW! #GreysAnatomy," a fan wrote, clearly expressing their dislike for the duo. "This Jackson and Jo shit is pure Trash. #GreysAnatomy," said another not mincing any words. 












Some say that they are 'seriously' disturbed by Jo and Jackson and are not here for it. "I’m seriously disturbed and not here for Jackson and Jo. Like Jackson has horrible taste in women and I’m over it #GreysAnatomy#greys," a fan tweeted. "Girl no damn body cares about jo and jackson he's literally the next owen hunt when it comes to women #GreysAnatomy," another tweeted. Some are sure that Jo is going to hurt Jackson, because she isn't over Alex. "Jackson is gonna catch feelings, but jo isn’t over alex #GreysAnatomy," a fan predicted. 








Honestly, fans could care less about what happens between Jo and Jackson right now, because they want to fully focus on George O' Malley (TR Knight) who has returned to visit Meredith in her dream. Meredith is currently dying of Covid-19 and everyone is doing the best they can do, to save her. Tune into 'Grey's Anatomy' on ABC, Thursdays at 9 pm. 

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