'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 8: Will Bailey root for Meredith in court?

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 8: Will Bailey root for Meredith in court?

The next episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' from Season 16 promises to be an exciting one, as the medical board will decide whether Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) gets to keep her medical license or not. At the end of season 15, the star surgeon had committed insurance fraud (for good cause of course), and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) had fired her from hospital along with Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr) and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). The normally amicable relationship between Meredith and Bailey took a turn for the worse when an outlet sensationalized Meredith's well-meaning article about healthcare with a misleading headline. Meredith apologized to Bailey, but she wouldn't hear of it, and expressed her loss of trust. 


To be honest, Bailey has committed numerous mistakes too, and so has every other doctor in the hospital, so, by all means, she should let Meredith back to work, because well, she owns Grey-Sloan memorial. The promo for the next episode shows the court hearing and Meredith hoping against hope that she gets to retain her medical license. Most of Meredith's patients have rallied to support her. The promo ends with Bailey storming in and saying she has something to say. 

So what does this mean? Will Bailey stand up for Meredith? Or will she argue against Meredith, forgetting all those years of loyal service and breakthroughs in medical science that Meredith had actually achieved? 

Fans are really hoping Bailey roots for Meredith. One wrote, "Hoping Bailey talks for Mer so she can get her job back!!" 

One fan wrote, "Exactly if you look at I don't see why mer has to be the one #Greysanatomy. Bailey and Alex the others committed fraud too I think Bailey might be sticking up for mer this week


Another fan is skeptical and wrote, "Miranda Bailey must be stopped."

A fan tweeted, "Onto next week's promo! Meredith finally has her day in court! Shout out to her long suffering lawyer! It looks like Richard and Alex stick up for her and Bailey has something more to say and is not quiet about it! Buckle up everyone!"

'Grey's Anatomy' will air on ABC on November 15. 

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