'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 7: Will Maggie ever recover her confidence as a surgeon after cousin Sabrina's death?

The latest episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' was a Maggie-centric one, and was quite heartbreaking

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 7: Will Maggie ever recover her confidence as a surgeon after cousin Sabrina's death?

What started off as a seemingly light-hearted 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 7 took a rather sharp emotional turn in the end. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) meets Richard's niece Sabrina (Crystal McCreary), who has a biatrial myxoma and the tumor is just growing bigger by the day.

Maggie insists on doing the operation, though Saby and her father Chris are not keen on it. Even though Saby and Maggie are getting along famously, Saby finds it weird that her cousin would be her surgeon. However, the tumor presses on her airflow and she crashes. Chris reluctantly allows Maggie to operate.

However, if you expected this episode to have a happy ending, you have to remember it's 'Grey's Anatomy'. Long story short, despite Maggie's best efforts, Saby dies on the operating table and Maggie is devastated and doesn't know how to face Chris and tell him the truth.

Alex stands by her and comforts her and tells her not to blame herself. With Meredith Grey's narration in the background on how to inform patients about deaths, a broken Maggie tells him the truth and he obviously loses control and gets angry with her. 

Maggie has always been confident about her skills and expertise, and this is something that gives the character such a human touch. Several times in the episode, Maggie declares that she is the best cardio surgeon in town. Richard backs her on this.


Will her confidence take a hit after this episode? It's hard to say how long she will take to bounce back. Will this affect her skills in the next few episode?

The Maggie-centric episode gave fans the feels. One wrote, "I really don't see Maggie bouncing back right away from this and I really hope they explore this. Cuz honestly this is more interesting than Meredith's license to me."

Another fan wondered why anyone can't be happy on the show. "OF course Maggie lost her cousin. Why should she be happy?"

One fan blamed Maggie for taking on the surgery, despite being told not to. "Maggie has to feel awful. SHE FORCED herself on this family. Had the regular doctor at Pac North performed the surgery, he/she would have known the hospital's protocol to ask if her levels were rising during surgery." 

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 7 aired on ABC, on November 7.

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