'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 7: Catherine Fox's response to Gemma pulling the moves on Richard has fans in splits

Catherine Fox gives a befitting reply to Gemma trying to make a move on Richard Webber in 'Grey's Anatomy'. Fans can't get over it.

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 7:  Catherine Fox's response to Gemma pulling the moves on Richard has fans in splits

The seventh episode of 'Grey's Anatomy', Season 16, was an emotionally draining one, with a few light-hearted moments sprinkled here and there.

From Maggie Pierce (Kelly McReary)  failing to save her cousin Sabrina on the operating table, to Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) having suspicions about Gemma's  (Jasmine Guy) intentions towards Richard (James Pickens Jr), and a particularly intense conversation between Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), fans have a lot to deal with.

Fans were particularly pleased as Catherine in no uncertain terms told Gemma to back off, in her very Catherine-ish way. She suggests that Maggie, who is an accountant at Pac North where Richard currently works, tries for the Fox foundation, and reminds her that while there are many offices in different parts of the country, there are none in Seattle.


One fan wrote, "I cracked how Catherine didn't get into whole this Gemma/Richard thing. Just decided to send her out of town."

Another fan found it funny that though Gemma was keen on playing games with Richard, she ran away when Catherine spotted them together. "Funny how Gemma wants to play cute little games with Richard but when Mrs. Catherine Fox walked in the room she scurried away."

Another fan noticed how it's not Richard who is cheating, but it is Gemma who keeps making advances on him. "I don't think Richard is cheating it's Gemma who keeps coming at him acting like he not married even though he is I'm glad Catherine gave her other job options to get as far away from Richard because I think that Gemma is trying to get Richard to drink again."

Another wrote, "Gemma...You don't want to mess with Catherine Fox."

One fan just wished for them to be newlyweds in love again. "Can we get Richard and Catherine back to being newlyweds in love? Between their drama and these two hospitals."

Another viewer cynically said that sending Gemma all across the country won't stop Richard's 'wandering' eye. "Sending Gemma across the country won’t stop Richard’s wandering eye Catherine."

'Grey's Anatomy' aired on ABC on November 7. 

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