'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 10 Review: It's all about love, loss and a new baby on the block

While Bailey is grieving her miscarriage, Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt are taking a major step for their future and Maggie Pierce is getting sued

                            'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 10 Review: It's all about love, loss and a new baby on the block

The review contains spoilers for 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16 Episode 10 — 'Help Me Through The Night' 

It has been a long wait for 'Grey's Anatomy' fans after the winter break. Two questions have been lingering in their mind ever since: Who was killed in the bar and who drove the car? Both the questions were answered in the 'Station 19' crossover episode that aired. Turns out, none of the major characters were written off. The car had an elderly couple, of which a woman named Joan died.

Well, now that the suspense is over, let's get back to the character's old lives — which means, it is back to baby stories and relationship woes. While Miranda Bailey is grieving about her miscarriage, Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt take a major step for their future and Maggie Pierce is getting sued. The performances are nuanced and the drama is intact but the episode is not the best of the lot. However, be prepared for a few long-awaited shocks. Owen and Richard are back to Grey Sloan and Alex Karev, as expected, is missing.

Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey (ABC)

A shoulder to cry on

Bailey is struggling with her miscarriage but she has no time to process the loss of her little one. Swamped by all the new traumas sent to Grey Sloan, she hits the panic button but is forced to snooze it when she realizes she needs to support all her doctors and interns.

Ben helps with bruised patients at Grey Sloan and tells Richard about the miscarriage. When Richard asks if she is okay, pat comes the answer, "No. But Miranda comes first." After a successful surgery, Miranda is anxious and Richard consoles her.

Jo Wilson and Dr Cormac Hayes (ABC)

New baby on the block

Jo has taken the baby home. When Link asks her, she says, "I just wanted him to have one cozy night." Meredith knocks on the door and is overjoyed. While the two rush to handle the emergency traumas, Jo skips it to sneak into the nursery and lay the baby back. Once there, she meets Dr Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood) who cradles him in his arms.

We know that Jo's husband Alex Karev has quit the show, so will the baby be her new support system?

Burying the hatchet

Amelia and Teddy catch up on each other's lives and it is, indeed, heartwarming to see them open up. Teddy asks Amelia how far along she is from her pregnancy. Suddenly, Owen comes into the conversation. "I think he loves you," Amelia assures her. But Teddy is not convinced. "He hasn't proposed. It's not like I am some girl waiting for him to give me a ring."

Amelia tells her, "Maybe he is just trying to do things differently," to which Teddy replies, "You are incredibly kind, Amelia Shepherd." Well, isn't she? Well, after all, she was married to him but look how gracefully she has moved on. What's more? Owen and Tom bury their hatchets too.

Amelia Shepherd and Teddy Altman (ABC)

DeLuca or McWidow? 

Andrew DeLuca tries to send messages to Meredith but decides otherwise. Meredith is still stuck with her relationship status. Considering DeLuca is trying to make amends, will she go back to him or go with Dr Hayes? We need to wait and watch.

A legal notice

DeLuca goes to talk to Maggie Pierce about how her patient was saved. Even before she could take the good news inside, she is slapped by a legal notice. Apparently, she is being sued for wrongful death. "Who is Sabrina?" DeLuca asks. "My cousin," she says. Of course, it is a call back to Richard's niece, Sabrina (Crystal McCreary), who had biatrial myxoma and lost her life after Maggie insisted on undertaking an operation.

Maggie Pierce (ABC)

The big proposal

Grappling with guilt over not addressing his feelings for Teddy, Owen confesses to Jackson: "I'm afraid that I didn't do that sooner. I am not talking about months but years." Immediately after, the two steal a moment to talk. Owen gets down on his knees with a ring right there.

When Teddy tells him he is not "obligated to marry her" and that she wants to "break the pattern", he tells her how he wants a family with her. It is a joyful beginning for the two but someone is not happy — Tom Koracick. Well, he will have to accept his fate, wouldn't he?

What's more? Amelia tells Link that they are having a baby boy. The episode paves way for more interesting twists and turns. But what's worth knowing is where is Alex Karev and how will the showrunners deal with his death?

Now that 'Grey's Anatomy' is back on ABC, it will air every Thursday at 9 pm ET.

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