'Greyhound': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Tom Hanks' WWII film

'Greyhound', starring and adapted by Tom Hanks, is based on the 1955 novel 'The Good Shepherd' authored by CS Forester. It is slated for release in June

                            'Greyhound': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Tom Hanks' WWII film
Tom Hanks (Sony Pictures Entertainment)

'Greyhound' is an upcoming war film starring Tom Hanks, who also serves as the screenwriter of the film. This movie is based on the 1955 novel 'The Good Shepherd' authored by C. S. Forester. 

Release date

 'Greyhound' is slated to release in the US June 12. 


The film is set during World War II, in the early days of the United States' involvement. It focusses on Lieutenant Commander Ernest Krause who led an international convoy of 37 Allied ships over the treacherous North Atlantic while being pursued by wolfpacks of German U-boats. What happens when Krause is given the power to command a destroyer is the central plot of the film. 



Tom Hanks as Lieutenant Commander Ernest Krause

It was announced in September 2016 that actor Tom Hanks was writing a film set during World War II. The actor will play the lead role of Commander Ernest Krause, who leads allied ships over the North Atlantic. 

Elisabeth Shue as Eva Krause

Actor Elisabeth Shue will play the role of Eva Krause in the film. She was last seen in the 2019 Amazon Original 'The Boys'. 


Devin Druid as Wallace

'13 Reasons Why' actor Devin Druid, will play the role of Wallace in the film. 

Maximillion Osinski as Eagle

The Austrian actor Maximilian Osinski will play the role of Eagle in the film. He is well known for his recurring role in 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Other cast members include Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, Karl Glusman, Tom Brittney, Joseph Poliquin, Grayson Russell, Dave Davis, Michael Benz, and Travis Przybylski



Aaron Schneider came onboard 'Greyhound' as the director in 2018. He won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for the live-action short film 'Two Soldiers' in 2004. His debut film 'Get Low' received critical praise in 2009 when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. 


The trailer of the film was released on March 5. The trailer begins with an aerial view of many ships sailing over the North Atlantic in 1942. Then we see Tom Hanks as Commander Ernest Krause pray for God's blessing. The trailer also shows Greyhound -- the destroyer that Krause is in command of -- getting word from land that they will be out of flight range for the next five days. The speaker on the other side wishes Krause and his crew safe travels and asks Krause how many crossings this makes and Krause reveals that this is his first crossing of the North Atlantic. In one stretch of 48 hours within these five days, Krause reports that they have lost seven ships and the reason is Nazi U-boats that are attacking the ships. Will Krause and his crew survive the five days?



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