'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15: 10 best romantic moments before the Season of Love arrives

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15: 10 best romantic moments before the Season of Love arrives

Watching 'Grey's Anatomy', the one thing that all fans have doted on (of course, other than contemplating a hypothetical career as a doctor) is love as true as MerDer's. Ever since it first aired in 2005, the show has given us possibly every aspect of love - be it the untimely arrival of love, the betrayal that ends it, or the heartwrenching goodbyes which ultimately are a result of fate's interference.

Now, that Season 15 is knocking on the door, rightfully called the 'Season of Love', we will get to see yet another face of love, this time in the relationship of a gay couple. However, over the last 14 seasons, Shonda Rhimes has given some unforgettable moments to the characters who stumbled their ways in and out of love, and it is probably time that we recall some of the best moments each couple shared. 


Here are the top 10 best romantic scenes featured in 'Grey's Anatomy' over the last 14 Seasons: 

1. MerDer in the making

Meredith and Derek are not only our favorite because they are the leading couple, but this was probably the only couple who truly held on to each other. Although, initially it didn't really seem that the two would even make it through the one-night stand, however, by the time Season 1 came to a close the two had pretty much established the fact that their love is here to stay. 

Check how Meredith and Derek became MerDer right below:


2. "Pick me, choose me, love me"

Hands down, this scene receives the award for its boldness. After all the complications that they go through, Meredith finally puts her feet down, demanding Derek to ditch Allison and pick her above everything else. And we all know, what follows. 

Watch this heart-moving scene here:


3. Denny dies after proposing to Izzie

Probably one of the most tragic love stories in the show, we all had out tear buds bursting out when Denny dies in Izzie's arms just after proposing her to marry him. Although following his death Izzie does quit her internship program at the hospital, she, however, returns to only recall her moments with Denny at the hospital. 

Grab your tissues and watch the scene below:


4. Derek proposes Meredith on the elevator

We all know the amount of turmoil that the couple goes through right before this scene. With Addison coming back, and Derek consistently failing at his experiments, MerDer almost felt like a long-forgotten dream. Yet Rhimes managed to bring back that dream when Derek gives Meredith a glimpse of all that they have achieved together right before asking her hand for marriage.

Watch the scene right here:


5. Burke's random proposal

As the second most thrilling couple on the show, both Cristina and Burke have kept us on the tip of our toes. Although their relationship doesn't meet a very happy end, Burke certainly did not let go of a scope to ask this ambitious woman's hand for marriage. 

Burke is a little funny in this scene, TBH:


6. Callie and Arizona kiss for the first time

As probably one of the first homosexual couples on the show, Calizona certainly had their own charm when it came to hitting the love chords. However, while the couple grew even more realistic with each episode, nothing beats the first time the two shared a kiss, confirming their love for each other. 

Watch the adorable scene here:


7. April, the runaway bride

April and Jackson have been a couple that has been both confused and sure about their love since the very beginning. Yet when Jackson finally arrives at her wedding, the two are immediately sure about what they want and spare no time in eloping while laughing at all those who stare at them in awe. 

Watch the fairytale scene right here:


8. Lexie and Mark in life and beyond

As one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series, Lexie and Mark finally confess their love for each other right before their souls depart for the other world. Although the steamy couple has never managed to keep their hands off each other, this is probably the one time when their love transcended all boundaries. 

Get your tissues, again:


9. There's passion in blood

Probably not a very romantic scene in the conventional sense, but for Cristina, this was one moment when she felt her knees melt. On meeting the military Dr. Owen, and while aiding to his wound, there was some real sparkling chemistry between the two. 

Look back at the first time they met here:


10. It's a goodbye

After Derek's death, it was only fair for Meredith to go for a rebound. However, when the time came she realized that she could have been much more for Nathan but she wasn't. Ultimately, when Nathan's ex arrives, she finally lets him go. 

Watch the scene (it will strangely make you happy) here:


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 Grey s Anatomy 15 10 best romantic moments before the Season of Love arrives