Watch: Greta Van Fleet's cosmic desert trip in new music video for 'When The Curtain Falls'

Directed by acclaimed visual artist Benjamin Kutsko, the music video sees the band venture on a psychedelic trip through the desert as they belt out their latest single.

                            Watch: Greta Van Fleet's cosmic desert trip in new music video for 'When The Curtain Falls'

Last month, Greta Van Fleet unleashed the first taste of their upcoming debut album in the form of the super-heavy single 'When The Curtain Falls'. With the track already in the Top 10 of rock radio and after nearly eight million streams to its credit, the Michigan rockers have now unveiled its accompanying music video.

Filmed in Southern California, the clip opens with guitarist Jake Kiszka scaling a giant boulder in the middle of the desert. He then plugs his guitar into a port conveniently jutting out of the rock and that's when the magic begins. As the band rocks it out in the sweltering desert, several mystical elements creep into the background, including a shot of them performing under a sky dotted with several moons in different phases of its journey. It's a recurring theme in the video and it explains Greta's recent social media teasers which were full of references to the moon. 

Midway through the video, right after the interlude, the setting switches from daylight to night. As the track's sizzling guitar solo kicks in, the psychedelic treatment goes to full overdrive, which is not really a surprise considering the fact that the clip is directed by Benjamin Kutsko, the acclaimed visual artist behind the film 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.'

Watch the music video for 'When The Curtain Falls' below:

Greta Van Fleet recently performed 'When The Curtain Falls' on The Tonight Show. Asked how the making of the debut album was different to the way the band recorded its first two EPs, 'Black Smoke Rising' and 'From The Fires', guitarist Jake Kiszka said in a statement: "It has some commonalities, but as far as [how] those two things differ, we had the ability to sit down with all the material that have written and go, 'Okay, now we have the ability to put something together that is a complete thought.' Whereas EPs are just kind of concepts — just short pieces — where now we have something that is one full complete thought."

"Because we'd stopped touring — we had pretty much been rigorously touring for the last maybe year and a half — we had these two weeks where all of this material started to kind of come to us," he continued. "I'd say about 50 percent of the album was material that was spontaneously written within the actual recording process of the album. So we started tracking a bunch of things that we've been writing while recording, and we'd just throw it down at the end of the night and have [basic] tracks to work from."

2018 has already been a stellar year for Greta Van Fleet, with well-received sets at Lollapalooza, an opening slot for Guns ‘N’ Roses in Europe, and a place on the lineup for Foo Fighters Cal Jam Festival. Often seen as the new hope for the resurgence of classic rock in the millennial era, GVF has whipped up quite a storm so far, and all this without even putting out a debut album. The highly anticipated album is expected to drop sometime later this year. Stay tuned for more!