EXCLUSIVE | 'Greenland' star Roger Dale Floyd says co-star Gerard Butler is 'a big, strong, funny guy'

Ahead of the film's release, Roger, in an exclusive with MEAWW, talks about working on stellar projects, his time with Butler and Morena Baccarin and his fondest memories on the film set

                            EXCLUSIVE | 'Greenland' star Roger Dale Floyd says co-star Gerard Butler is 'a big, strong, funny guy'
Roger Dale Floyd (Getty Images)

One movie that's made it to the must-watch list in December is Ric Roman Waugh's 'Greenland'. Disaster films and pandemic-themed series have been some of the most-watched content and Waugh's latest work sees John Garrity (Gerard Butler), a man fighting for survival with his family as they desperately attempt to escape a planet-destroying comet hurtling towards Earth.

'Greenland' boasts of a solid cast and ahead of its release, MEAWW spoke exclusively to Roger Dale Floyd, one of the youngest actors in the film and also an upcoming star at just 8 years of age. In a candid chat, Roger talks about working on stellar projects, his time with Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin, and his fondest memories on the film sets.

From 'Stargirl to 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond', you have carved a name for yourself as a rising talent. How does it feel to have worked in some of the best shows this year had to offer?

Awesome. Both shows are really popular and really great! I’ve been very lucky to be a part of them. Who knows, maybe I’ll pop up in one of them again.

How did your role for 'Greenland' come about?

Well, it all happened kind of fast, actually. I think they had been looking to cast the role of Nathan for a while. I was lucky enough to tape for it. They brought me in for a callback, and a few days later I booked it. I was very blessed. We were all so happy!

What can you tell us about your experience being part of a major blockbuster like 'Greenland'?

I can tell you we all worked very hard to make it the best blockbuster ever! It takes a lot of people to be great at what they do to make it happen. I got to learn so much as an actor, and I got to do all kinds of cool action. A lot of heavy physical and emotional stuff. It was intense. This is definitely NOT a boring movie.


What was it like working with Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin?

They were amazing to work with. They are both great actors and they both taught me a lot. Gerry is like this big, strong, funny guy. He likes to joke around and make things fun. Morena was the perfect movie mom. She really took care of me. We go through a lot of serious, scary moments in the movie. She helped me as an actor and as a kid. I’ve had a few movie moms, but none that I’ve been as close to during filming.

What was the fondest memory while filming 'Greenland'?

That’s a hard one. There were so many things I loved about it. I think one that really stands out is working with Scott Glenn. It was so easy and fun. As soon as I met him, I felt like we already knew each other. We were at this beautiful ranch with horses and a lake. The whole day was like magic. I think that’s it, the best memory. I hope I get to see him again.

What's next on your list of projects?

Well, obviously it’s been a crazy year for everyone. Like, way crazy. Some things have changed dates, but I do have a project going into pre-production soon. I can’t say much, but it’s going to be very special for me and my family. It’s going to be awesome and, most importantly, FUN!

'Greenland' is slated to be released domestically by STX Entertainment through VoD on December 18, 2020, and then play on HBO Max.

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