'Greenhouse Academy' actor Chris O'Neal arrested for felony DUI after hit and run leaves person injured

'Greenhouse Academy' actor Chris O'Neal arrested for felony DUI after hit and run leaves person injured
Chris O'Neal (Netflix)

Chris O'Neal of 'Greenhouse Academy' was arrested after he allegedly struck two cars which injured an occupant. He then left the scene without reporting the incident. 

According to TMZ, the star of Netflix's show was driving in the San Fernando Valley, California, at around 11 pm on Friday when he struck the two cars, injuring one of the people inside. The report quotes law enforcement sources as saying police got two 911 calls from different people and responded. When they arrived at the scene they saw tire tracks which they followed to a nearby front lawn. This is where the cops found O'Neal 's '94 Camaro with the actor inside, fully awake. It was also reported that the cops gave him a field sobriety test which he blew that was just over the legal limit.

There are no updates regarding the individual who was injured except that the injuries were minor and not life-damaging. 

O'Neal played the role of Daniel Hayward in the Netflix series. Daniel is misunderstood on the show, and during season 1 he portrayed himself to be better than everyone and pretended not to care about what people thought. However, in reality, he does really cares. He is an athlete and in great physical shape. Originally, he was the Captain of the Eagles before the incident with the taser barb and was considered a born leader. Daniel was also very competitive and had constantly tried to win, even if it was not a competition. His competitive spirit is what drove him, and is part of what made him a good team captain.

Daniel's relationship with Brooke in the first season was also something that fans had closely followed in 'Greenhouse Academy'. Their relationship played a central role in the plot as Brooke and Daniel tried to thwart Judy's plans together with the help of Hayley. However, the couple breaks up in season 2 of the show. 

After this, Daniel expresses his feeling for Hayley in season 2's last episode. After having worked closely with her, he has developed romantic feelings for her and even kissed her, which left Hayley to choose between Leo her boyfriend, and Daniel. 

O'Neal also starred in Nickelodeon's 'How to Rock', 'Swindle', and 'You Gotta See This'. 

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