'Greatness Code' Episode 2: Tom Brady relives 2007 game against Buffalo Bills, calls it the 'perfect night'

'Greatness Code' Episode 2: Tom Brady relives 2007 game against Buffalo Bills, calls it the 'perfect night'
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NFL superstar Tom Brady equates a great game to a basketball player who takes every shot and hits it. "When I think of a great game, I think of the whole moment," he said in Episode 2 of 'Greatness Code'. "I think for a football Quarterback, you leave the game thinking every decision I made was the right one. Every throw was kinda on the money. I think of the game in 2007 against Buffalo (Bills). Ever since that game, I am trying to get back to that point. Because in so many ways for me it was the perfect night."

Brady had every reason to believe that night was special. His sizzling understanding and connection with Randy Moss helped the duo demolish Bills 56-10. It was a game where mercy was kicked out of the window, and for Brady, it was the definition of "the ultimate living-in-the-moment". It was all about his connection and chemistry with Moss. "When you play with those type of guys and you are on the same page, you can't stop 'em, you can only hope to contain 'em," he explained.

"We did something I am still trying to repeat today," Brady remarked. As far as the numbers go, it was a clinical game for the QB as he completed 31 of the 39 passes. Pitched in with five touchdowns and boasted a passer rating of 146.1."I don't think many people would ever think about that game when they think about my career," Brady said, but for him, it was one of the greatest games he had been part of. 

"You feel like at that point you can't do much wrong," he opined. "It really wouldn't have mattered who was on the field that night because our execution was unstoppable. They were the mosquitoes; we were the windshield." It was a "masterpiece of football" for Brady who credits Moss for his brilliant game as well. It was the final scoreline that came as the jaw-dropper.

What are your thoughts on the four-time Super Bowl MVP's recount of his greatest game?

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