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Great white shark terrifies tourists as hunt turns sea red with blood

Terrified onlookers can be heard shrieking in the video as the shark engages in a deadly tussle with its prey underwater
(Source : Getty Images)
(Source : Getty Images)

Footage of horrified tourists emerged in New Brunswick, Canada, showing them screaming after they witnessed a great white shark attacking its prey and turning the sea crimson red just a few feet away. The terrified onlookers can be heard shrieking in the video as the shark engages in a deadly fight with its prey underwater, showing glimpses of itself during the struggle.

The shocking incident was reportedly captured by the captain of a boat taking the passengers on a whale watching tour to the middle of the sea near Green's Point Lighthouse in New Brunswick. The video was later posted on the Facebook page of the Jolly Breeze Tall Ship and Jolly Hurricane Jet Boat and showed the predator a few yards away from the boat with multiple passengers on-board.

At the beginning of the footage, there is not much to be seen as much of the tussle between the prey and the shark takes place underwater, however, a few seconds in, the shark's fin emerges from the sea as it thrashes its prey around with blood oozing into the water. The shark continues its attack as the blood of the prey spreads across the water, and the onlookers at the time can be heard screaming.

As the boat continues with its journey, one passenger can also be heard crying. A woman worries the prey could be one of the seals they had earlier seen on their tour, as she says: "We scared those poor seals, I even said ‘don’t get eaten.'" Another person appears to assure the woman, saying they were not the ones to scare the seals: "The shark might have scared them."

Since the video was posted on Facebook, it has received over 27,000 views and has gone viral, with many commenting on the video and saying they could not believe an "excellent" sighting like that was captured on camera by the crew of the boat. Another person said the one who posted the video was having an "amazing summer of experiences."

The commenter made the remark after the same crew had witnessed a similar attack last month. That clip was captured by a six-year-old passenger on board the Jolly Breeze Tall Ship while the passengers were being taken for a whale-watching tour.