Graphic footage shows brave woman battling thieves trying to steal $75,000 from her purse, even as they RUN HER OVER

The robbers had followed the woman from a nearby bank, where she had taken out $75,000 and put it in her purse on Friday, according to police

                            Graphic footage shows brave woman battling thieves trying to steal $75,000 from her purse, even as they RUN HER OVER
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A graphic video that has surfaced on the internet shows a group of thieves trying to steal $75,000 from a woman’s purse in northwest Houston Friday morning before they ran her over and fled without the money.

According to Fox 26 Houston, a woman can be seen in a surveillance footage getting out of her car to go into a Valero gas station, that she is believed to co-own, with a purse that held  $75,000.

The Miami Herald reported that the woman went to the bank and took out the aforementioned cash before arriving at the station. She was followed from the bank to the business by thieves in an SUV, according to law enforcement authorities. The bank is located at 12907 Farm to Market 1960 Road W in northwest Houston.

She was subsequently attacked by a suspect who tried to snatch the purse containing the said money, just as she was about to enter the gas station. Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman reported that a second vehicle pulled up after the SUV and another suspect, believed to be involved with the same gang, got out of the vehicle. 

Herman said he and his deputies are on the hunt to catch all of them but especially the one seen in a white shirt as he was the most violent during the attack. “And if I was this individual since we’ve got good quality video of him, I wouldn’t be sleeping tonight,” said Herman. “Because we’re not going to rest until we get him off the streets.”

It was then that her husband, who was inside the gas station during the incident, ran outside and confronted the robber. A second robber attacked the husband before jumping into the car and leaving the scene. The husband and wife were trying to fight off the first robber, who was spotted by authorities tugging at the purse before the second robber reversed the sedan and ran over the couple as he fled. The brave woman, however, did not let go of her purse and was able to hold on to the money.

“Right after that, our deputy observed what’s going on from a distance,” Herman said. "He gets there. There are some other citizens that did also come to the aid of the victim.” “I wouldn’t encourage to do what she did for the mere fact that money can be replaced, your life can’t be,” he added. “But she was resilient, she fought, she believed in what she was doing.”

It is now understood that one of the suspects is currently in custody and has been identified as 31-year-old Davis Dowell Mitchell. He’s being held at the Harris County Jail on charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. However, the other three are still on the run, according to deputies with Herman's office. Herman further informed that the woman was rushed to a hospital nearby in critical condition and is expected to recover. The husband was treated for minor injuries at the scene.