Did Grant Cardone get Covid-19 during 'Undercover Billionaire'? A look at how he handled the 90-day challenge

With the clock ticking and his business plan still in the ideation process, Grant Cardone might have just put his health in jeopardy while shooting 'Undercover Billionaire'

                            Did Grant Cardone get Covid-19 during 'Undercover Billionaire'? A look at how he handled the 90-day challenge
Grant Cardone (Discovery+)

When it comes to the American dream, it turns out, the hustle is just as important. Starting a business from scratch is far from easy and turning into a millionaire is as tough as it gets. But it's not impossible. Enter Grant Cardone, Monique Idlett and Elaine Culotti, three self-made successful entrepreneurs who are here to show the world that your success is entirely in your hands. On the latest season of 'Undercover Billionaire', these three business tycoons take on the ultimate challenge- start a new business from the ground up under a new alias with no contacts in an unfamiliar town, armed with only a cellphone, a truck and $100. And they've to do so all within 90 days.

Up until now, we saw Idlett planning how to secure vendors and investors for her health and diet based business named Rooted, which deals with juices and juice shots, Culotti was in the process of securing funds to revamp an old bar into a delicatessen while putting together a crew and Cardone had left the town of Pueblo to go back to his family on account of Covid-19. Although he did return and start the countdown once again, Cardone felt like he hadn't gotten very far, seeing that he had secured some funding but didn't have a concrete plan to invest his money in.


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This week's episode, however, did not seem to go easy on Cardone. While he finally managed to upgrade his truck, he did end up paying more than he expected to, seeing that he did a coin toss to negotiate a discount, only to end up paying full price. Cardone was annoyed that he was losing money when he should be more careful, but he tried not to let that get to him. Seeing that he finally had a slightly better truck now at his disposal, Cardone seemed ready to get started with the game, even though he wasn't sure where he stood.

Grant Cardone (Discovery+)

What was alarming to watch was just how much and how often he could be seen coughing. Cardone initially wrote it off as altitude sickness, but when he realized it was getting worse with no relief in sight, he began fearing the worst. Looking up the symptoms of Covid-19 online, Cardone realized he has nearly all of them. As a precautionary measure, he began shooting the majority of his footage on his own, to prevent the production crew from getting infected, in case he had it.



Cardone went to get himself tested and waiting for the results seemed nerve-racking. When he did manage to get them, it was the worst possible outcome, he had been diagnosed with coronavirus. With two weeks of quarantine ahead of him, Cardone chose not to stop the clock and continue with the challenge. He even had the camera crew send in cameras that he could set up on his own, in order to provide them with self-shot footage. He also proceeded to contact all the people he got in touch with upon his return, informing them that they should also get tested, as a precautionary measure. Cardone is not thrilled by the delay, but that doesn't stop him from figuring out his next moves, seeing that the clock is ticking.

Fans can rest easy though, seeing that Cardone does make a full recovery. The preview of the next episode features him back in action, rappelling down the side of a building, looking as determined and healthy as ever. Looks like Cardone and his alias Curtis Louis are ready and raring to go. We can't wait to see what he brings to the table, in terms of his new business plan.

'Undercover Billionaire' will now air exclusively on Discovery+. New episodes stream every Wednesday. 

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